Monday, October 13, 2008

Hector Who?

Hector Kabande was raised in a household where the most important values were family, great food and hospitality. He is he son of the late José Encarnación Kabande Dabdub, the famed hotelier who founded the upscale Hotel Lucerna chain. Beginning with a single hotel in Mexicali in 1966, the company, Grupo Lucerna has added Lucerna Hotels in Tijuana, Juarez, Culiacan and Hermosillo.

It was during his student days that he developed his love for food and cooking. In addition be working in the restaurant and hotel business, Mr. Kabande retains his passion for food and food preparation. In fact, Hector Kabande has started his own Hector Kabande Recipe blog to share his recipes with other food enthusiasts:

Hector has many favorite recipes, but you wont find all of them on his blog. Here’s the reason: Hector is working on a cookbook. It’s called "Kabande es Caliente". The recipes are old and new favorites from the Kabande family.

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