Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Introducing Advertlets...

I have been feeling really unhappy about the lack of personalized touch with my previous service provider, especially the way their CEO spoke in a “high up there” tone to me over the phone!

This humble blog of mine has been getting many visitors over the last year, and I hope that with Advertlets, the figure will grow to greater heights!

I like Advertlets because of the way the whole system functions, it is certainly more easy for bloggers to earn money without having a minimum of 20 visitors in order to qualify for campaigns like other programmes! The ads that appear on this blog now are paid according to the number of impressions they have and not by the number of clicks, which I feel is more reasonable!

Also, there are also opportunities for bloggers to write about services which another close Asian competitor does not have!

I feel that for Advertlets to even compete, on par with other programmes, it should have more activities for users in Singapore as well as maybe to have have options like ‘cashing out revenue using Paypal’! Maybe Advertlets should even have a Singapore office for us Singapore bloggers!

1 comment:

spBLogger said...

HeHe... Just make sure that Advertlets pay you. Josh Lim don't pay to everyone. :P