Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Of Stingray and linkways

Was walking from Dhobby Ghaut MRT to Plaza Singapura today during lunch time, and when I was at the linkway at B1 of Dhoby Ghuat Station between North East Line and North South Line when this young lady shoved a flyer right into my face and muttered what I heard "Stingray promotion",

Being in a rush but still corteous, I smiled at her and showed her a no thanks gesture.

Walking further past the linkway, I was greeted by another group of ladies who were also distributing the flyers, and when I walked past them, they gave me the same flyer in face approachh. But this time round, before I could say no, they told me that it was due to the linkway closure which will take place from 30th October 2008 to 7th December 2008 to facilitate the rennovation work at the staircase.

Haha... so the stingray promotion sort of evolved to linkway closure.

Moral of the story: Listen carefully...

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