Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pet Owners: Where's your responsibility?

I seriously dunno what is wrong with pet owners!!!

Why cant they pick up their dog litter after their dogs have done their business?

This lady pictured here in this photo I taken left the 'black gold' lying around at the carpark area, which is so inconsiderate!!!

Please... be responsible!


Serene said...

i really detest irresponsible pet owners.. they really give a bad name to the rest of us - the responsible ones. SIGH!

FatHer said...

Environmentally,all pet owners are irresponsible.
For example,the manufacture of pet food, pet litter,etc creates global warming gases.
Pets are not natural,animals are supposed to be wild and eating from the wild.
Also animals naturally eat raw food,which is healthier than cooked and processed petfood which also has unhealthy additives.
Most cat owners let their pets roam outside,especially during night,dusk and dawn when most birds are killed by cats.
To serene:You are not a responsible pet owner.Self praise is ignorant and ugly.
But,no doubt you will defend your environmentally unfriendly,and so antisocial,behaviour.