Monday, October 20, 2008

Reporting of Phone Numbers

These days, prank calls and more are getting monitored by the Internet! With Report Phone Numbers, it is now possible to read submitted comments and post research and opinions. Example of warnings posted by users:

817-759-1364 from Patrick
I received a call, automated at first, saying that my vehicle warranty was up and this was my "second courtesy call". I never got a first, and didn't recognize this number. I stayed on the line to talk with a representative, and when she picked up to ask if I wanted to extend my warranty, I asked, "Which car?" She said something about offering warranties for cars. I told her - louder this time - "You called me, you have my number, which car are you calling about?" Apparently they're trained to know when someone's got them in a corner, so she said, "We'll remove your name from our calling list, have a nice day." and she hung up.

I feel it's a pretty good way to warn fellow users through this site about possible scams!

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