Saturday, October 18, 2008

Revision of SP Services Tariff

I guess more and more Singaporeans are pretty unhappy about the SP Services Tariff.

Recently got an email about this online petition going on, it reads:

To: SP Services
With the drop of Crude Oil since Mid Sep which was never hit what SP Services claim of Crude Oil Future for Oct expected to Hit $155.00 per Barrel which at the point of claim highest it was at $120+ during Sep 08 which as of now have drop till below $80 per Barrel at $74.54 per Barrel as of 16 Oct 2008. But we are currently expected to pay $0.30 cents per KwH due to expect price of $155 per Barrel. which is more than double of current price. World Economics is into a recession and singapore is already into Technical recession having affected many Singaporeans this high cost of electricity is killing everyone especially the retail markets as many small retailers especially those from the HDB shops are seeing a major drop of business at several places are seeing business drop of at least 50% to as high as 60%. Will appreciate if the Government of Singapore could hear our plea and work on with SP Services to adjust the bills down. This little changes a month will HELP A LOT.

It was started by a David Lee ( and currently has 86 signatories on it. I wonder if more people will support this, and will such petitions actually work?

Will you be part of the petition?

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