Monday, October 13, 2008

Singpost Admail not solving root of problems

Opened the door of my house this evening to see this scene, someone ad distributor that just dumped advertisements conveniently on my plotted plants... HDB dwellers were happy when Singpost gave most HDB mail boxes a revamp by installing locks that only the post man could unlock to stop nonsense flyers from clogging up our mailboxes.

But at the same time, it started its Singpost Admail programme which meant that advertisers who wanted to place flyers legitimately had to go thru Singpost, as seen as the rates:

Now you know how much Singpost is being paid just to send just advertorial mailers to us in the mailbox! Just imagine the potential revenue if a single HDB estate was under such a scheme!

However, due to such a monopoly of the mailboxes, it has lead many 'entrepreneurs' to come with ways and means to overcome such tactics , they know just dump the adverts right at the door of HDB dwellers, which is even worse.

Isn't this even worse then clogging up your mail box now?

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Zhou Wenhan said...

interesting...why do people still bother with spam in letterboxes now? people with money are online already.