Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Soldier Dies in Camp!!!

Yet another shocking incident!!

The 4th this year to happen!!!

A soldier collapses after doing chin ups in camp!!!

Supposedly to be on MC, he still participated in the physical activities!

Actually this incident kind of strikes a chord in me! Since the soldier had a MC by a local government hospital, why is he still needed to go back to report and endorse his MC and medical status to the camp doctor, which has the authority to over write the hospital doctor's status??? Is there any conflict between a camp doctor and a government hospital doctor? Does a doctor in uniform have different views in the medical field??

Also, another point to note is that in this era of information technology advancement, why are the medical systems not linked up so as to assess a patient's full medical history? If we had a system that could link information from a government hospital to a MINDEF database, wouldnt that save a lot of man hours? Lesser medics required for endorsement of MC, soldiers need not go to see the doctor to endorse their certificates, doctors need not have to see such cases face to face and just review the cases from a computer on the network? Sounds like a possible WITS project here?

Something has just to be looked into this issue!

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