Sunday, October 12, 2008

Soya Bean Exposé

The soya bean war in Ghim Moh market is getting more interesting as time goes by...

Sometime back I was there in the evening and was surprised to see that both stores were still open:

There was even printed posters to prove that there was indeed a war going on, as the second store had a paper with the words:

"Singapore cheapest homemade soya milk in Ghim Moh"

"Premium Candadian Grade 1 soy beans"

"Cheap and good and no price increase for 10 years"

"Old NTU cantten drink store spirit for 22 years"

Today went I was there at the store, there was an even longer and more wordy claim up!!!

Long story with plenty of words. Would not like to divulge more about it!

But it is even more obvious that this means war!

4 comments: said...

First to provide free soya bean drink wins!

Zhou Wenhan said...

Why they go rent so close to each other? At least its not another familt feud.

Anyway I posted this on my website, every story is tagged with location so people can find interesting things around them.

Lately I notice that most of the stories I post are about food. I wonder if the site should be food focused? Let me know of your thoughts ya? Thanks!

日月神教-任我行 said...


Anonymous said...

Soy is Heathy only if it is properly prepared but unfortunately many shops or store even the famous one in Singapore dont prepare soy milk well. Do try their unsweeten soy milk. Smell first then taste it and you may find it hard to swallow. In the Compendium of Materia Medica of China has clear describe Soy milk as flat but sweetish taste. If you dont get these type of taste, it means the soy milk is not right.
I believe more than 70% of the freshly the made soy milk in Singapore dont cook well. Don’t be surprised if you get some kidney sickness after years of drinking soy milk.This is due to poorly prepared soy milk.