Monday, October 20, 2008

Taxi Driver Woes

Boarded a taxi back to work today, as it was pretty much a long and tiring day for me.

And on the way back, the taxi drvier was raving and ranting non stop about the problems of getting married as well as the implication of the Women's Charter on divorced men in today's context.

To a certain extent, I can't help but agree with him that more and more women today are getting educated and place themselves on par with men in the working world. Are we having too much rights for women these days? If a woman was the one wreaking up havoc on the marriage, is it fair for the men to be responsible?

These days, when even credit card companies have tag lines that state "The Men don't get it..." It's pretty true, the men probably don't get it fair, and have lots to lose...

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mikemathew said...

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