Friday, October 03, 2008

The True Face of the Olympics!

I really wonder about the integrity of everything Chinese during the Olympics!!! Mind you... I am not being racist... nor have I forgotten my roots.. but the spate of events really leaves me pondering!

Firstly, the fireworks scene shown on TV during the opening of the Beijing Olympics 2008, had animations to 'enhance' the effects as seen on TV

Secondly, the little girl that was seen 'singing' during the Olympics was actually lip synching because the original girl that sang was not photogenic enough to go on National TV!

And now, with the spotlight back to the issue of melamine tainted milk in China, 'Several Chinese journalists have said it is becoming more and more obvious that the authorities in July prevented an investigation into the toxic milk coming out so as not to tarnish China's image before the Olympics,' said a statement by media rights group Reporters Without Borders.

So, isnt this evidence that 'face' is very important to the Chinese... They want face in everything they do... Really, I am utterly disappointed with them!

And now, I really wonder if the China Olympic gymnasts are really of a legal age to participate in the Olympics, especially since the Chinese government has said that they are of legal age and have produced the legal documents to proof so. But given the fact that we have seen more then fake eggs, dumplings made of cardboards and more food horror scares that simply put any B Grade Horror Movie to shame, what more can be said of any such legal documents?

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