Friday, October 17, 2008

Winzip coming after users!

Got this later today from the States

Apparently, its from Winzip, the widely popular company that claims to be the most trusted way to work with compressed files.
In the letter enclosed inside, which is written by a Alex Kwan, the company claims that WinZip computing has noticed that many organizations are using the Winzip software without a license or use more copies then the license allows.

The letter also stated that the the company will be calling up in the next couple of weeks for documentation of complaince based on the num,mber of licensed WinZip copies within the organization and the total no. of confirmed Winzip users.
Just a warning to all users out there if you are using unlicensed WinZip, it is time to move on, remove WinZip and install WinRar! Be warned, because according to, WinZip is now bundled with Google Toolbar and Google Desktop Search.
Certainly sounds like another Vuestar case upcoming!


Dolce Gan said...

I got it today too at our office. This is a scare tactic. We had stopped using the featureless Winzip since a year ago. Using 7-Zip and Winrar evaulation or other free software. You might think they are seriously coming at you when they send an air mail letter direct to you, but what's the cost of an airmail compared to the potential licenses they can recover with each company they send an email to? Peanuts!!!

Don't even think an 'Alan Kwan' exists. You really think he will give you a call looking at the kind of mass mail tactic they are using? I can forsee thousands more receiving these letters and shit in their pants. By the way, how did they get our address when we are NOT using their software in the first place??!?! Why were we unwilling recepients of these scare tactics? This will actually deter 'potential' customers like me from EVER buying their products.

Well, if they ever call, I will just say "Sorry, we stopped using crappy compression software years ago. We support OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE."

tiger4™ said...

It maybe a con job. Could be some party pretending to be Winzip tricking people into paying them money. How did they know whether you are using a licensed or unlicensed winzip? Not as if Winzip connect to internet n inform them about it.