Sunday, November 30, 2008

Journey To The West

I am so hooked onto this Journey to the West Cantonese series by TVB that I found on Youtube!!!

I watched the chinese voice over version but it was not as entertaining as the original Cantonese version as seen on Youtube, especially so since some humour is lost during translation!!

Check out this Youtube Channel!!

I just have the feeling that I will be staying up late to catch this series!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do your part this Christmas...

Tis the season to be jolly....

Do some charity for the children of Smokey Mountain this Christmas!

The landfill in Payatas, The Philippines, is notoriously known the world over as Smokey Mountain. For over 35 years, the smoking dump site has grown to become a stark and heart-tugging reminder of the desperate conditions of humanity.

On a daily basis, children pick through newly arrived garbage to collect material to sell. The earnings made by one child are not enough to even buy food for the day. Hence, entire families are forced to climb the mountain each day, hoping to earn enough to feed everyone.

A quick check on the various supporters of this charity include:
  • Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, President of the Philippines
  • Mayor Sonny Belmonte of Quezon City, and Congressman Mat Defensor of Quezon City
  • Lee Sharpe (former Manchester United player)
  • Jean Daniels (South African golf long-drive specialist)
  • Congresswoman Cynthia Villar of Las Pinas
  • Philippine Senate President Manny Villar
  • Ray Parlour (former Arsenal player)
  • Steve Black (owner of Masters Football International)
  • Robert Teasdale (licensee of Masters Football Asia)

However, you don't have to be rich and famous to do your part to bring Christmas for Payatas!

Let's spread warmth and love this Christmas to those that really need it!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Tactical Movement, Anyone?

This site is just a must see for enlistees for their National Service!

Tactical Pants USA, inc was established to better serve the 5.11 Tactical customer. By carrying a huge inventory we are able to ship most orders within 24 hrs. Emails to them are usually answered in a few hours.

Just by browsing through their site, one gets to see all kinds of ware from shirts, polo, pants, watches and more!

It really is some sort of an online e-mart that can be assessed by anyone with an Internet collection!

Pretty amazing stuff they have, I was just looking at the Surefire flashlights. No, it is not some sort of purchasing of fire arms of the Internet. Surefire flashlights are incredibly bright, with smooth, pure white beams. Compact, lightweight and convenient to carry in a pocket, pouch or purse, SureFire Personal Flashlights will transform your concept of what a flashlight should be.

Surefire Flashlight LED technology is now available in several SureFire flashlight models and as an add-on conversion for many of SureFire's high-performance flashlights. SureFire's LED flashlights feature digital regulator circuits to maintain consistent levels of light output for as long as possible, and digital current limiters to protect the LED module from current and heat-related damage. SureFire was the first to utilize these breakthrough features in a handheld LED flashlight.

Yep, sounds pretty cool to own one!

Then I scrolled down the same page!!! Wow!!! A torch light that has a retail price tag of USD $4,800?? The Surefire Beast is coined as the most powerful flashlight ever produced, by the manufactures of Surefire series. It has been the one-of-a-kind flashlight to be supplied for mass consumption, on a wide scale. Utilizing a xenon-fill high-intensity discharge (HID) arc lamp, it puts out 2000 lumens of blinding white light, 120 times the light output of a typical two D-cell alkaline flashlight.

Gosh!!! Luxury flashlights!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Porter Ready

Got a phone call from Porter International that the bag I sent in for repair of the zips is ready for collection!!!
I am so hoping that it is as good as new. Hope all the faulty parts have been repaired!

I really wonder if I am still ready for more Porter stuf!

Heritage Web Design

Thinking about webhosting???

Try Heritage Web Design, a USA Based Company, which specializes in the design and hosting of affordable websites specially for Small and Medium Enterprises. With a staff of over 225 employees, Heritage Web Solutions has grown to a multi-million-dollar company in just 7 years, achieving a Top 1% of Hosting Companies as reported by WebHosting.Info. Heritage Web Solutions is honored to be recognized, by Inc. Magazine, among the fastest growing privately held businesses 2 years running.

They really have a good track record! I browsed through their past works in their portfolio and searched on logo designs and found that most of the designs were done in good style and taste, what’s more, their customers are from a wide genre of industries from cafĂ© to schools!

The company also has a programme called Heritage Web Tools which is a free, easy-to-use web-based File Manager that allows you to completely manage a website without an extensive computer background. You can perform tasks such as: Updating or changing your current website. (like FrontPage or Dreamweaver)!
Track when and where customers go on your site.
Send personalized emails to your current customer base.
Create depth to your organization with multiple email accounts.
This really makes editing easy as ABC!

Heritage Web Solutions uses only the latest fully managed Dual Xeon servers with an easy to use cPanel site management control. Heritage Web Solutions also does weekly and Monthly backups of your site

The easy to use store front e commerce setup is also pretty idiot proof! It starts at a basic $795.

Support wise, there is a life chat that enables their customers to communicate effectively and efficiently with them. A live chat also enables quick instant help!

So, seems like there is no harm giving it a try today!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Fragility of Life

Just this morning, I was out at a warehouse, when something caught my eye.

It was an injured bird that was most probably crushed by forklifts lifting wooden pallets. I took it and placed it in a little carton box, it was not really in a bad condition and was still able to respond. Its legs were not crushed, thankfully.

It was a busy area and the fork lifts were still moving around.

However, some staff from the warehouse saw the little bird that I had saved and took it to their office to safekeep it. And afterawhile later, it died, probably due to the cold from the air conditioning system.

Pretty sad, I still wonder if I really saved the bird or caused it to die.

Bollywood Uprising...

Bollywood movies are not only about dancing and hiding behind trees!

Lavrenti Lopes plays one of the leads in a Hollywood film SubHysteria, which is also his first feature film, slated for April 2009 release.

Accordining to Lavrenti's Official Website, Lavrenti Lopes is originally from Mumbai, India but is based out of New York now.

So that would be another upcoming and shining Asian star to look out for in the movie industry!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Singapore Mint showing signs of inflation?

Really wonder if our Singapore Mint is also showing signs of inflation....

I do collect some of the Lunar coins that are launched each year before the Lunar New Year. For the upcoming 2009 year of the ow, the following was seen on their website:

A 1-oz 999.9 Fine Gold Proof Coin that has a face value of 100 Hundred Singapore Dollars!

However, flipping through some book published by the Singapore Mint

In the Year 1997, which is exactly 12 years ago, a similar 1-oz Gold Coin was launched with a face value of 250 Singapore Dollars!

Does this mean that our Singapore currency has decreased withing 12 years as pegged to gold prices? If it has, the decrease is indeed drastic!
Anyway, for a Gold Bullion coin, according to UOB gold and silver prices, a 1-oz coin is currently sold at $1351.41 by the Bank. So how does that explain the huge price tag of SGD $2084.00 by the Singapore Mint?

A worthwhile collection that will go down with inflation?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back In Malaysia

I'm back in Malaysia...

Once again way from the hustle and bustle of city life....

The blue sky and idyllic life style, a perfect destress!

The short trip in Malaysia is to attend my cousin's wedding dinner...

As usual, lots of 'When is your turn' questions asked!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

White Tiger Attack in Singapore Video

After the whole incident, the video is now seen on Youtube!!!

Does that sounds like some cheering in the background?

Anyway, I added some clip stills just in case the video gets deleted again!!!

First pic, shows the guy covering his head with a yellow pail..

Then you see the tigers attacking his legs!

The clip ends abruptly by someone, who seems to be from the Singapore Zoo.

Tracy Juice Culture

This oasis of fruit juice and other holistic wholesome blended drinks is located at Fortune Centre, which is pretty near my office.

I have been patronizing Tracy Juice Culture for quite some time and have been a fan of their fruit juices which is all so yummy and guilt-free!

They do have quite a wide range of drinks available like:

  • Pine Lemon: which is a blend of pineapple, sour plums, lemons and lime
  • Apple Wheat: A blend of wheat grass, green apples, pineapple
  • Creamy Beetroot: Beetroot, pineapple, carrots
  • Eleven wild: a juice blend from eleven different kinds of cereal, which I am drinking today (see picture below)
  • Nutty Paradise: a blend of almonds and other nuts

Another interesting product that they have is pumpkin kaya, which is really different from what local Singapore kaya is. It is less sweet but at the same time, more aromatic!

It is eaten with multi grain buns which complement the taste of kaya perfectly!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Finally... A cheque from Nuffnang!

Opened my mailbox today!!!

Cashed out on 27th September 2008 and received on 19th November 2008, that's already with Gliteratti status, so those without Glitterati status will probably have to wait longer!

The cheque issued date was 30/10/08, could it be that Singpost took nearly 2 weeks to deliver this?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Porter Zips


I have to admit this...

My zip got stuck..

Not the zip of my pants! But rather the zip of my Porter Bag. I got this bag in June 2008, and barely even half a year, the zips are giving way!!!

Which makes me wonder, at the kind of price that Porter Bags are going for, is it worth it, in terms of durability?
Thankfully, the bag is still under warranty, so I am going to head down to the store and see what they can do about it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy 18th Birthday!!

Happy birthday MN!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

An Ad that moves..

An advertisement that has a touching storyline and yet manages to deliver its tagline to the consumers effectively!

You'll see this shampoo in a different light from today...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

ACJC's Good Humour

Someone alerted me to this taken down screen shot of the video of the ACJC girl

If the ACJC principal said that was done in good humour, and the students are all good friends...

Why is the video tagged as loser?

Prank called?

Perhaps its time to digress from the topic of the ACJC girl and the birthday celebration that was supposedly viewed by the principal of ACJC, as being done in good humor.

This Reverse Phone Search could perhaps help if you need to find information that is linked with a telephone number that is from the United States. This is really useful if someone starts giving you prank calls! Maybe we should have this in Singapore!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ACJC Birthday Celebrations!!!!

Gosh... I did not know that girls in ACJC are so happening!!!!

Just check out the videos on Youtube!

Can you imagine.. this happens in a school that claims that 'The Best is Yet to Be'... i think its really the worst is yet to come...

I feel ashamed to be an ACSian after seeing this... seriously... if you wanna be wild.. do it behind closed doors.. and not post your dirty linen on Youtube!

Since you guys like to post it on Youtube, I shall post it here too!

NOTE: The video has been removed from Youtube, see the whole story plus the censored video on STOMP!!

ACJC Response to the video, quoted from STOMP:
ACJC says the student who was tied up to a chin-up bar, with cake stuffed in her face and humiliated in school, was not bullied, and that it was all just a part of a birthday celebration between good friends.

This response comes in the wake of a STOMP posting where STOMPer outraged expressed disgust at the way the birthday girl was treated as she was filmed tied up and roughed up in her birthday celebrations.

In her response to STOMP, the principal, Mrs Kelvyna Chan of ACJC says:

"The College is aware of the incident which was a birthday celebration of a student who was popular with her peers.

"We understand that the student was prepared for the celebration, and that there was no malice nor bullying involved.

"When a teacher saw the celebration, he immediately stopped it and counselled the students.

"The birthday girl also assured the teacher that she was not hurt physically nor emotionally.

"Some weeks after the event, a teacher again enquired about the girl's wellbeing, and she assured the teacher and the College that the celebrations were all done in good fun and she was well.

"Although the activity was done in good humour, the college has counselled the students involved on the possible hazards of such activities and that there are more appropriate ways to show friendship among their peers.

"The STOMPER had erroneously interpreted the video as a case of bullying when in fact it was a birthday celebration between good friends as seen by the laughter shared by the birthday girl and her friends."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Shasha

Just got back home from class...

There was a surprise party for this fellow classmate of mine... and here am I making this video:

Reviews for Webhosting!

Sometimes being spoiled for choice is not really a good thing, especially so when you have so many different variables to compare! Web hosting services are getting cheaper and cheaper, but not all packages are the same. At this site that compares best web hosting , you get access to reviews of different web hosting packages.

These reviews are sorted according to different variables. So if you are on a budget, you can have your reviews sorted out according to the price factor.

Of course, if you are looking at more advanced options, there are reviews to guide users on variables like Ecommerce hosting, Unix hosting, forum hosting, reseller hosting, PHP hosting. All the reviews on the site are from non-commercial sources, that is from webmasters and customers, thus you can be assured of independence and neutrality.

Just by browsing through the page, I can get access to this Yahoo! Review written by another web user:

Yahoo? No thank you. Never again. .

Four (4) e-mails send - no answers. Even when I told them, because of 3 unanswered e-mail I will cancel, still no response. It's like they are dead! They just don't care. You can only use very limited design and you cannot add any URL of your own to your pre-designed site. OK I am a beginner but at least I have a choice when it comes to webhosting. But Yahoo? No thank you. Never again.

So trust or not to trust, it is up to you, the reader to make a good judgement!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Warm Bowl of Memories

Had a long, hard day at work today! Yes, you got that... I work on Sundays too!!!

After work today, headed to Tiong Baru Market.. It really has changed a lot after all the upgrading! The place has more car park lots now! The hawker stores are more airy, dry and clean compared to the area before the upgrading..

Had my fave bowl of Fried Intestine Porridge with Raw Fish Salad...

A simple bowl of porridge... to wash down a hard day's work!!!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Advertlets not paying too???

Was going through some pages..

And I stumbled upon

Apparently...It's only Lehman Brothers that's in financial difficulty..

Advertlets has also not been paying its bloggers!!!!

Check out the page! The owner of claims that his payment has been owed for such a long time and that contacting has almost been so difficult. What's more is that they even break up the payment into different cheques...

Looks like many blog advertising network in Asia have quite a reputation afterall!!! I am still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque, it was cashed out on 27th Septemeber... And after one whole month of processing, which is the whole month of October, my cheque status was set on 'sent' on the log in page... but till now, I have not even seen any cheque!!

I really wonder if its due to Singpost's fault? Singapore is too big already.. mails need more then 8 days to be sent?

Why can't these people use Internet banking or Paypal???

So far, I have tried Payperpost and without fail, have gotten my money from them 30 days after each post I did! The money is credited into my Paypal.. and its in US dollars!!!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Hazing in the SCDF

Apparently, SCDF does not ban the use of camera phones in their camps which resulted in this hazing video being circulated on the Internet!

This SCDF guy got stripped naked in a toilet, had his hands tied with a rope, and tarred with shoe polish in this hazing ceremony.

The polishing extended to the pubic regions of the tied-up personnel, and whilst this was in progress, cheers of encouragement could be heard in the background.

Pretty immature behaviour these guys have...

It's time something be done.. before injuries or even death occurs!

If you ask me this is no different from the abuse of Iraqi POWS by the US military forces, except that this is happening right here in Singapore!

Bye nerdy specs...

Just the other day, I was clearing my room, and I came across my DKNY shades which I had refitted with transition lenses, which is also known as photochromic lenses. Due to the reason that my myopic degree is pretty high, the lenses had to be made using material of 1.37 index, thus, the lenses are pretty much thick. A friend of mine, once commented that he felt he was looking through a fish bowl when he peered into the lenses of my spectacles, and somehow or rather, from that days onwards, I was quite turned off by that pair of spectacles. You know, some times, stupid comments can really change an impression.

Just the other day, I was browsing the Internet, and came across thing interesting portal that specializes in eyeglasses. They have extremely affordable spectacles and lenses packages, which is good news, especially, given that the economy these days is getting more and more affected by the apparent bad economy.
Rather then spending so much money on a branded pair of spectacles say Montblanc, Hugo Boss or Rayban, there are cheaper alternatives to choose from on the website and it can be customized to your requirements.

I am currently looking at this pair now:

I just love titanium frames for its light weight qualities… best of it all, they are even more affordable now! Hopefully less nerdy looking!

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Creative Plagarism... The art of copying

Getting a little dizzy??

Seeing double??

Looks like I've featured the same thing twice??
Not exactly so, I havent turn senile.. not as yet..
Well, the first picture is actually what a friend and myself chose and customized for another friend at JAM Creations, which is is under the ownership of a registered business in Singapore. We actually looked around for the raw materials and designed for the overall feel of the gift and have it customized there...
Just today, was browsing thru another website, La-Haute-Couture, which is just a mere blog shop established since 2007, and they posted an exact replica of what we created as a work of their own.
When I went back to JAM, and asked what was going on and they claimed that the owner of the second blog shop saw their design and decided to replicated what she like.
What a copy PUSSY!
Not brains to think and design.. and call yourself a designer... you are just a copier!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Macro shooting

Ever since I got my camera, I have been trying very hard to improve my photo shootings, well, today, I was taught some little setups to take nicer pictures using the macro shots..

Check these out:

Does my photo taking skills pass???

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Boring talks and random thoughts

Was at a pretty boring talk this morning, and it is in times of this that I am so grateful for my Acer AspireOne!!!!

Went detecting a wireless network and surfed, was on the Channelnewsasia website and I came across this article that proposed that egg donors be reimbursed in cash for their donation.

This article comes in light of the debate of whether there should be trading of kidneys and other body parts. It kind of leads me to think, if there were to be legal trading of organs, it would not make sense for any blood donation drives that are going on.. Blood should be sold.... maybe its due to the upcoming dark cloud of economic recession... more ways to make money!

Read article:

SINGAPORE: Just two days after Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan announced that the law will be amended to allow living organ donors to be compensated, the Bioethics Advisory Committee said women should be fairly reimbursed when they donate their eggs for research.

The topic of compensation was a major issue during a two-month public consultation, which ended in January this year.

The Bioethics Advisory Committee said donating eggs for research should be altruistic and women should be compensated for their loss of time and earnings in the process of donating their eggs.

Professor Lim Pin, chairman of the Bioethics Advisory Committee, said: "We want to make sure that the amount that is reimbursed is not so large that it becomes an inducement."

That is why women who donate their surplus eggs after undergoing fertility treatment will not get any compensation.

In addition to existing Health Ministry guidelines, the committee recommended that donors be given full information on the donation process and that they are free to withdraw their decision at any point before the eggs are used for research.

It is recommended that independent parties seek the consent of female donors so that there will not be any conflict of interest.

Professor Lee Eng Hin, chairman of the Human Embryo and Chimera Working Group, said: "The MOH guidelines at the moment have to do with clinics that do assisted reproductive techniques. They do not cover the harvesting of eggs for research purposes outside of these clinics, so our guidelines will now cover everybody who wants to obtain eggs for research."

Fertility experts said that as those who are coming forward are volunteers, they should get more than just a reimbursement.

Dr Suresh Nair, medical director, Parkway Fertility Centre, said: "She's also taking a risk. She's subjecting herself to some procedure that's potentially dangerous. How are you going to value that?

"For a start, it should be those young, healthy women who are not really involved in fertility treatment. For the time being, don't include the fertility couples as yet, because they are already burdened."

While there is stem cell research using tissue other than human eggs, the committee said the findings right now are still preliminary.

The Bioethics Advisory Committee's report will be submitted to the government's Steering Committee for Life Sciences for deliberation.

Mitch Alert!!!!

Just in case you are wondering what in the world is 'Mitch'!!! It stands for male b*tch!

Read a write up on STOMP:

"Why should I reward the pregnant woman for bringing one more life into the world?"

That was what this ugly commuter said when asked to give up his seat to a pregnant woman. In an email to STOMP today (3 Nov), the STOMPer who came across this disturbing scene said: “This man refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman on the MRT yesterday at around 3pm. “When asked to give up his seat, he said, ‘Life is already full of suffering, why should I reward her (the pregnant woman) for bringing one more life into this world?’ “I took a photo of him after he said that, and he had the cheek to flash a peace sign as I was doing so.

"At this point, the guy seated next to this unreasonable man got up and offered his seat."

Another not so gracious swine who has the audacity to be rude!!! The world is obviously suffering because of people like them!!!

From the picture taken, it appears that the seat is actually a corner seat, designed to sit 2 people, at the corners of the train carriages. In other words, in newer trains, they are labelled as priority seats, and yet, we have such rude people who hog the seats and behave as though the are so 'up-there'!

Forget Pretty in Pink... Welcome B*tchy in Pink!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Waiting for Nuffnang

Ever since the unpleasant incident I had with Nuffnang, I withdrew all ads from this blog from Nuffnang and cashed out all my earnings I had with them. I seriously dont see any point in leaving any form of money with them after the incident!

All that happened in September, and according to their website, they take 1 month to process payment for their exclusive Glitterati members like me!

Was pleasantly surprised when I logged in on 1st November to see that the status of my cheque has changed to 'sent'. Thus, I shall be waiting to see how long the cheque actually takes to reach me with our efficient Singpost's help!