Saturday, November 08, 2008

Advertlets not paying too???

Was going through some pages..

And I stumbled upon

Apparently...It's only Lehman Brothers that's in financial difficulty..

Advertlets has also not been paying its bloggers!!!!

Check out the page! The owner of claims that his payment has been owed for such a long time and that contacting has almost been so difficult. What's more is that they even break up the payment into different cheques...

Looks like many blog advertising network in Asia have quite a reputation afterall!!! I am still waiting for my Nuffnang cheque, it was cashed out on 27th Septemeber... And after one whole month of processing, which is the whole month of October, my cheque status was set on 'sent' on the log in page... but till now, I have not even seen any cheque!!

I really wonder if its due to Singpost's fault? Singapore is too big already.. mails need more then 8 days to be sent?

Why can't these people use Internet banking or Paypal???

So far, I have tried Payperpost and without fail, have gotten my money from them 30 days after each post I did! The money is credited into my Paypal.. and its in US dollars!!!

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spBlogger said...

I got Nuffnang cheque on 8 Nov. Singapore might a bit longer I think. Anyway, no worry about Nuffnang. I got 9 cheques from Nuffnang already. ^_^