Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tracy Juice Culture

This oasis of fruit juice and other holistic wholesome blended drinks is located at Fortune Centre, which is pretty near my office.

I have been patronizing Tracy Juice Culture for quite some time and have been a fan of their fruit juices which is all so yummy and guilt-free!

They do have quite a wide range of drinks available like:

  • Pine Lemon: which is a blend of pineapple, sour plums, lemons and lime
  • Apple Wheat: A blend of wheat grass, green apples, pineapple
  • Creamy Beetroot: Beetroot, pineapple, carrots
  • Eleven wild: a juice blend from eleven different kinds of cereal, which I am drinking today (see picture below)
  • Nutty Paradise: a blend of almonds and other nuts

Another interesting product that they have is pumpkin kaya, which is really different from what local Singapore kaya is. It is less sweet but at the same time, more aromatic!

It is eaten with multi grain buns which complement the taste of kaya perfectly!

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