Friday, November 07, 2008

Bye nerdy specs...

Just the other day, I was clearing my room, and I came across my DKNY shades which I had refitted with transition lenses, which is also known as photochromic lenses. Due to the reason that my myopic degree is pretty high, the lenses had to be made using material of 1.37 index, thus, the lenses are pretty much thick. A friend of mine, once commented that he felt he was looking through a fish bowl when he peered into the lenses of my spectacles, and somehow or rather, from that days onwards, I was quite turned off by that pair of spectacles. You know, some times, stupid comments can really change an impression.

Just the other day, I was browsing the Internet, and came across thing interesting portal that specializes in eyeglasses. They have extremely affordable spectacles and lenses packages, which is good news, especially, given that the economy these days is getting more and more affected by the apparent bad economy.
Rather then spending so much money on a branded pair of spectacles say Montblanc, Hugo Boss or Rayban, there are cheaper alternatives to choose from on the website and it can be customized to your requirements.

I am currently looking at this pair now:

I just love titanium frames for its light weight qualities… best of it all, they are even more affordable now! Hopefully less nerdy looking!

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