Thursday, November 06, 2008

Creative Plagarism... The art of copying

Getting a little dizzy??

Seeing double??

Looks like I've featured the same thing twice??
Not exactly so, I havent turn senile.. not as yet..
Well, the first picture is actually what a friend and myself chose and customized for another friend at JAM Creations, which is is under the ownership of a registered business in Singapore. We actually looked around for the raw materials and designed for the overall feel of the gift and have it customized there...
Just today, was browsing thru another website, La-Haute-Couture, which is just a mere blog shop established since 2007, and they posted an exact replica of what we created as a work of their own.
When I went back to JAM, and asked what was going on and they claimed that the owner of the second blog shop saw their design and decided to replicated what she like.
What a copy PUSSY!
Not brains to think and design.. and call yourself a designer... you are just a copier!

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Anonymous said...

say no to piracy..
boycott that bugger lar!