Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mitch Alert!!!!

Just in case you are wondering what in the world is 'Mitch'!!! It stands for male b*tch!

Read a write up on STOMP:

"Why should I reward the pregnant woman for bringing one more life into the world?"

That was what this ugly commuter said when asked to give up his seat to a pregnant woman. In an email to STOMP today (3 Nov), the STOMPer who came across this disturbing scene said: “This man refused to give up his seat for a pregnant woman on the MRT yesterday at around 3pm. “When asked to give up his seat, he said, ‘Life is already full of suffering, why should I reward her (the pregnant woman) for bringing one more life into this world?’ “I took a photo of him after he said that, and he had the cheek to flash a peace sign as I was doing so.

"At this point, the guy seated next to this unreasonable man got up and offered his seat."

Another not so gracious swine who has the audacity to be rude!!! The world is obviously suffering because of people like them!!!

From the picture taken, it appears that the seat is actually a corner seat, designed to sit 2 people, at the corners of the train carriages. In other words, in newer trains, they are labelled as priority seats, and yet, we have such rude people who hog the seats and behave as though the are so 'up-there'!

Forget Pretty in Pink... Welcome B*tchy in Pink!

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