Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At Marche 313

Headed down to Marche 313 again...

to usher in the new year slightly earlier with my colleagues..

Enjoyed the food there as always..

Started off with ice cold German beer... not all those are mine though... lol.. mine's the one in front:Followed by grilled catch of the day - Trevelly

Main course of home made ravioli:
And then... my all time favourite:

Banana crepes with caramel sauce and strawberry topping!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

BBQ party...

Just back from a BBQ party with my US lunatic friends...

The yummy food:

The setting: The top storey of an exclusive bungalow in Siglap!

The people involved: The US lunatics!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Brunch!

Had Bak Kut Teh at Jurong East Market today for Brunch...

Certainly brings back warm memories... I had bak kut teh from this store since young, more then 18 years!

Anyway, having this bak kut teh also reminds me of the recent incident in Malaysia whereby the Malaysian government-backed campaign to popularise a well-known ethnic Chinese soup by making a version that avoids pork and fulfills Islamic dietary rules sparked criticism by activists who fear it will confuse Muslims.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merchandising Disaster!

I can't help but laugh at this incident that was related by my good friend!!

While at this local supermarket at Fajar, she was at the checkout counter when her daughter asked (loudly): "Adik! (Brother) Which flavor you want? Can we get three flavors and share?".

When sge turned around to look, guess what she saw???

A whole row of colorful Durex boxes strategically placed at the kid's eye level, exactly above all the other candies!!

Warm Chocolate Pudding by luck

I ended up at Buttercake N Cream again, second day in a row, because, the Japanese restaurant, Megumi, turned my friends and myself down, citing that they were closed for lunch, despite the fact that the timings indicated on the door stated 2.30pm and it was only slightly after 2pm... How disappointing, especially considering the fact that I am quite a loyal customer of Megumi!

But it was perhaps a blessing in disguise as we headed to Buttercake N Cream as I was able to savour their lunch menu!

Ordered their chicken and sausage combo, which was not too bad..

But the crème de la crème would have been the warm chocolate pudding:

Nice, warm yet moist with chocolate oozing out with every bite... Certainly a to die for!

Friday, December 25, 2009

This the season to be jolly!

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers!!!

Despite the fact that I had to work today, did not miss out on the chance for a nice festive lunch!

First, had a sumptous seafood spread at Owen Restaurant at Turf City!

Hongkong style steamed Tiger Garoupa:

Steamed Gigantic Oysters topped with a generous amount of garlic... This was really nice and yummy!

Mango clams, some kind of shellfish, fried in sambal:

Drunken Tiger Prawns:

Vegetables with eggs:

The food was pretty good... it was so filling... but we still went for dessert at this bistro near my place called Buttercake N Cream!

This serve deliciously sinful desserts like what I had, Warm Rum Souffle!
Once again, Merry Christmas to one and all!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pre Christmas Lunch!

Had lunch with my colleagues today at Jack's Place and we ordered their Christmas set!

Had this sirloin steak with Turkey set:
and it came with this Christmas fruitcake:

While the fruit cake looked appealing, it certainly had such a texture that reminded me of rock buns...

Bedazzled with Bidazzled!

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Flat Tyre!

A flat tyre greeted me this morning when I was about to drive to work today...


It just doesn't make Monday feel any better!

Geoduck Sashimi

A video that is going to be the mantra for my friend, Sammy!

Chef David Cavagnaro transforms geoduck clams into sashimi

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another Wedding Attended

Went to attend my army mate, Nelson's wedding at M Hotel.

Felt quite privileged, as only another 2 of my camp mates were invited!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

City of Angels

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These are just some of the wonderful los angeles hotels, many more gems are waiting to be discovered during your visit!
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Friday, December 18, 2009

Medicine Pot

Loads of different medicine to take..

From pills to cough syrup..

Thank God, I am feeling slightly better after one day of MC..

Hope to be able to be back to work tomorrow!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thanks for all the Birthday wishes

Would like to thank all my friend, relatives for all the birthday greetings sent to me via sms, facebook, twitter, etc...

Was down with flu on my birthday.... almost lost my voice too...

But nonetheless, thank you all for the well wishes..

As well as to my colleague who bought me vermicelli for breakfast:

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Happy Birthday to myself...

I'm still working on my birthday though, just wonder how many hours of work it will be today. 12 hours? 14 hours?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fire.. Fire...

Went back to office after lunch and was greeted by this scene:

One of the neighbouring units at my work place has caught fire!! And the SCDF and police cars were all here...

From the picture, you can see the police car and the SCDF red rhino by the side, parked in such a way to prevent traffic.

However, they failed to evacuate the people in the neighbouring units, when I got back to office, which was like only 3 units away from the blaze, no one knew of the fire that was going on.

No fire alarm, no warnings from the SCDF people... no one even bothered to remove their cars at all...


So much for preparedness!

Monday, December 14, 2009


And I could runaway.....

I could runaway from work....

Monday Blues

It's Monday morning....

11 days to Christmas... But I feel I am having the blues today.

Hope things will be fine... If not I am prepared!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wonderful Inventions...

I really went 'LOL' when I see these 2 pin plug adapters that my colleague brought to the office...

Can someone tell me how can one ever plug an appliance into the socket if the adapter does not have a hole....

Another one of those cheaply reproduced "Made in the Big Land" products...

Is Facebook really that addictive?


Can one not do without Facebook??

One of my colleagues, who is a part timer, threatened to resign because she can not access her Facebook account from her workstation!

Absurd if you ask me, cos we have limited work stations and its a waste of resources, my real 2 cents worth.

But, I am supposed to keep an eye closed.... Hmm...

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Courier Service..

Started off a busy morning with a hearty breakfast:
Then I received a phone call when I was on my rounds at the supermarket, to drop by my HQ office to get some documents which required urgent immediate attention.
Had to bring them to Maybank... then to this office in Chinatown Point..
Gosh... I now understand how it feels like to be a courier boy..
At least I had the chance to pick up this durian dessert at Ji De Chi, Chinatown Point:

Indulgence after a busy day...

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Threatened by Cisco News makes to Newspapers

Some time back I wrote on how I was threatened by a Cisco traffic warden to get into a fight.

A reporter from Shin Min Daily News read it off my blog and it was featured on the evening newspaper today:

The exact article:

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Thank you Adgitize!

Got my Adgitize payment today...

Payment by Adgitize has been prompt!

Currently awaiting my payment for Advertlets...

Wonder if they will screw up big time like the previous time!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Of Marche and Men

I had the opportunity to sit in the driver seat of my vehicle during a journey along Orchard Road to capture some pictures of this year's Christmas light up. Shall let the pictures do the talking:

Well, the main purpose of this trip down Orchard Road during a Monday night was to visit the newly opened Marche at 313@Orchard.

It was a special by-invitation only private function. I must say that the decor is really beautiful. Marche has never failed to impress me with its beautiful interior decor!

What was even more impressive was that the entire dinner was on Marche! Yes, you got that right.. The entire bill was waived off for all guests! So there was really huge long queues snaking behind the grill and seafood counters!

Even though the bill was free, it did not deter the presence of fussy customers who were demanding for food that was already sold out. One customer was even making a huge fuss, insisting that the item be voided out from his Marche card, lest he ended up with the unserved item during the checkout. Probably does not understand what free means anyway.....

Other then the lack of reception on the M1 network there, everything else was A+!

I quit...

This song just summarises it all!

Hepburn - I quit!

There was a time when I would go walking
Backwards round the world
If you said you're mine
And I'd run blindfolded down the King's Road
Monday Morning
If you just for once arrived on time
But you turned into another liar
And you came on like a new Messiah
So before you say what you desire
I'm telling you nowI quit, I quit
'Cos loving you's a job I don't just need
Ain't gonna go to work no more
I quit, I quit
The situations vacant for me
Ain't gonna go to work no more
Ain't gonna go to work no more, ain't gonna go to work
I got my hands dirty while you rolled cigarettes
With one eye on the time
I tried my hardest
I've been conscientious
But I'm taking back that heart of mine
You can't roll me round your tongue no more baby
It's time to clear up your emotional debris
And if I'm falling overboard, please don't save me
'Cos I'm telling you nowI quit, I quit
'Cos loving you's a job I don't just need
Ain't gonna go to work no more
I quit, I quit
The situations vacant for me
Ain't gonna go to work no more
Ain't gonna go to work no more, ain't gonna go to work
Na da dai dai dai da-dai, da da dai dai dai
Baby, na da dai dai dai
If you'd like to say you're sorry
You're just like every other lover
A shot rings out and you go running for cover
And I'm sorry I can't be your mother
And I'm telling you nowI quit, I quit
'Cos loving you's a job I don't just need
Ain't gonna go to work no more
I quit, I quit
The situations vacant for me
Ain't gonna go to work no more
Ain't gonna go to work no more, ain't gonna go to work
I quit, I quit
Na da dai dai dai
I quit, I quit
Na da dai dai dai
I quit, I quit
Na da dai dai dai
Ain't gonna go to work no more
Ain't gonna go to work no more
Ain't gonna go to work...

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Teppanyaki on Sunday!

I really have not had Japanese Teppanyaki served piping hot right smack in front of me for such a long time, that when my colleague and I passed by Sakae Sushi at Northpoint Yishun, I simply could not resist to pamper myself despite the work on a Sunday evening!
Pretty impressed by their sakura-inspired ware!

We settled down for their promotional Boston Lobster set menu, and they served up with this Boston Lobster Miso Soup:

Indulging in other items from their ala carte menu like jellyfish, salmon sashimi:

Mixed stir fried vegetable, yummy and delicious!

Stir Fried Scallop:The main 'star' of the menu, the Boston lobster:Last but not least, the dessert... I really had a hard time trying to make out what the flavour was... and it was mango.. looks like my sensory evaluation skills are dropping.... or maybe the colour of the ice cream does not justify the preconceived colour of mango that the brain has stored!