Thursday, April 30, 2009

We all have 'STOREYS' to tell.. don't we?

Yes yes... every Wednesday is Christabel Day at Botak Jones...

So what, or rather, how many 'storeys' do they have behind such a day?
Yea... Damn good food... damn good price... but not so good ENGRISH?

Of Entrecard applications...

Those who are still currently awaiting your Entrecard cashout applications...

Here's the reason why:

There are a lot of users to approve for the cashout but the team will try their best to approve them in a timely fashion and bloggers only have to have one account approved as they can just send the credits to that account that you have approved

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cyber Bullying in Pet Forums.. The Saga Part 4

This is a continuation of the whole saga...

A member, called UC, shares his rendition of the whole saga:

A long time ago.....

I met a certain ex-mod at a forum outing to Bukit batok park... There he met F and many other members who unfortunately are not here anymore or make v rare appearances...

S was kind and friendly to me... i being my first time out with them i was trying my best to make friends... He took me in like a younger brother... and chatted with me regularly...

He then started to "sway" my about F... telling me certain not so good things about her... influencing me about her. Why i wouldn't know.... i dont wish to speculate...

However, when i learnt the truth from F... i became suspicious...
I had brought him with me to meet friends of mine... all who later asked me if i was very close with him when i had only known him for 2 weeks!

They said that he claimed UC was his younger brother so to speak and knew him very well... most of the time i had been just chatting nonsense or joking with him... how could he know me that well? And we had met up only 3 times after that Bukit Batok outing. I was getting more cautious....

Then came along another girl called L... an innocent gal in a stupid issue... It was my birthday last year. She innocently wished me happy birthday and after an exchange of a few words between us he started to say that i was interested in her. A huge mess resulted in the end due to his words... and i was made to look like a total b**tard... No apologies were given even though it was his fault not mine.

And then, at the point of time i started dating a mod here... he asked me to not get involved with her and told me she would be trouble. Afterwhich he asked her to go out with him for a wine drinking session... just the 2 of them. I have to stay away from her but he doesnt? Hmmmmmm....

When the relationship was in full swing he then made me out as another *******... after driving me home... he told me: "Its natural for people your age to fool around."
Whats that supposed to mean? I believe everyone who knew about the relationship knew how bad i took it when it ended.

UC also attached a whole chunk of private messages.. which I feel is not so nice to expose here in public..

Catch the whole series:
Part 1
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How a keropok is similar to a handphone...

Just had lunch at Shami Banana Leaf Delights at North Point in Yishun..

Yummy nasi bryani... and succulent chicken and mutton... accompanied with papadum..

Alright, back to the main topic... How is keropok (a cracker) similar to a handphone? You can't talk on a keropok to someone else... but you definitely can get fined for eating keropok, especially on the roads of Malaysia!

Came across this very interesting thread on Arofanatics:

Apparently, someone was driving into the Malaysian Customs in JB, when he was stopped by the Johor Police just outside the immigration..

The police took down the driver's particulars on a piece of paper, then when asked about the offence committed... then came his golden answer in broken English:" Sir, you eat keropok when driving, very danger! later get "Lang Gar" (colloquial for crashed in an accident) .. so i summon you.."

Driver asked him back :" You never eat when you drive before??' Then the Police Man diverted his attention to the front brakes and said" Sir, your brakes too "besar" cannot pass Malaysia standards.. This one i have to summon you also.. Two summons RM600.. you wanna pay here or settle here??"

Straight off the driver told the policeman that this was not my first day in Johor Baru.. and asked the policeman what he wanted..

The policeman patted gently on his stomach.. So when asked how much.. he said RM50..

The driver replied that he did not have so much and passed him RM20.. He accepted "gracefully" and asked the driver to put the money in his

Warning, signs of recession in full force ahead. Eating keropok and worn breaks can also be used to get' kopi money'

So take note.. that innocent looking piece of keropok could get you fined on the roads of Malaysia!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alvinology nomimated me....

I couldnt believe my eyes when I got an email this afternoon....

Alvinology actually nominated me for the Singapore Blog Awards 2009 , which is organised by Singapore's leading bilingual news and entertainment portal,, this award gives recognitions to outstanding blogs in Singapore.

Thanks to Alvin for the nomination and for potraying such a rosy picture of this blog.. It's been a pleasure reading your blog too, and I think he is a much better blogger then I am.

The winners in the 10 main award categories will walk away with a total of more than S$ 20,000 worth of prizes and a trophy designed by famous artist, Tan Swie Hian.

The Singapore Blog Awards is sponsored by East Asia Institute of Management (EASB), United International Pictures (UIP), National Heritage Board (NHB), Koka, Asia Web Direct, Play Smart Pte Ltd and HTC.

Supporting media: Advertlets,

When I saw the bold words above... my immediate reaction is... with all the current non payment of bloggers in Singapore, is our dear CEO, still qualified to be part of the judging panel?

Competition is inevitable...

Competition is inevitable but some people just take it better then others...

When Ken Brown, CEO of Adgitize, learned that local company Nuffnang views them as a competitior, his most immediate response was that he would be concerned about any organization that tells bloggers what they can or cannot put on your blog. As with all business decisions, he would recommend that we as bloggers evaluate our earnings and determine our course of action based on that evaluation.

On the topic of being viewed as a competitor, he definitely views them as a competitor. Every ad network in the blogosphere is a competitor. They have a specific reason they want to squash competitors in their primary market. He understands why they want to limit the ads on blogs.

His exact words:

His philosophy is different in that the Adgitize Ad Network may be right for you
and not for someone else. You are trying to monetize your blog. You have to find
the right mix of ads and ad networks to make that monetization work for you.

I have run the You Can Learn Series web site for over 6 years now and I
have tried many different ad networks. I place the ads on the web site, I
evaluate, I change their positions. I evaluate the profitability and I replace
as necessary. But, it is my web site. I have to make decisions that work for me.
If the ad network isn't producing the profitability you had hoped for, then find
one that will.

Now that is the true spirit of competition.... nothing else comes close..

Monday, April 27, 2009

Of Asians and Kiasuism

Kiasuism (colloquial for the act of being afraid to lose) is apparently not a trait of Singaporeans only. Why do I say so?

Just in case you have not noticed that after the Advertlets saga, I removed all Advertlets ads from my blog and reinstated the former service provider, which is Nuffnang. And Nuffnang has an exclusive program, known as Glitterati, which aims to provide bloggers which have no ads running from South East Asian networks to have more privileges like shorter waiting time after cashing out and more opportunities to go out on blogger outings, etc etc...

So as you can see from my the ads in my blogs, there is no other South East Asian ad network here, other then Nuffnang, and the Nuffnang ad units occupy pretty good ad locations, even prime I would say.

Was shocked that my Nuffnang Glitterati status was removed, and thus I emailed them asking if there was anything I added that contravened the terms of the status.

And I got a reply by them saying that they have checked that my blogs have links to Adgitize and Adbrite and that advertisers' network from South East Asia will affect my Glitterati status. After I replied to them that these two networks did not originate from even Asia, not to mention South East Asia. I got a second reply from them today that Adgitize is not from South East Asia but under their new terms and conditions that any Ad networks they deem as a direct competitor will affect Glitterati status. Adgitize targets directly at South East Asia market which is different from Adsense Google.

Amazing, isn't it?

New terms and conditions in less then a day. And most importantly, Adgitize targets directly at South East Asian market? That is something really new.. as so far, most of the ads I see on Adgitize are from sites out of South East Asia. Perhaps, Adgitize's CEO, Ken Brown, can verify this problem?

As Asians, are we really that afraid to lose? Life is not a smooth journey, but if we were to ban the use of pebbles because they cause people to trip and fall. We will never be able to accomplish anything. This is so similar to the letter from a concerned parent to the Straits Times recently calling for the call to ban night spots because teenagers hang out there and will fall to bad company.

Grow up... and stop living in a greenhouse nursery... What doesn't kill you.. only makes you stronger!

Is it time to move on? Anyway, check this out, a free report of sponsored conversations:

Sponsored Conversations

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Chinese names...

I just cant resist placing this put on my blog today...

Someone from Arofanatics shared this really cute Chinese joke... apologies to all who cant read Chinese...

But I burst out laughing reading this..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The phone call to Advertlets

Advertlets slow response... made me call them...

So when I went to the Advertlets contact page... I realised that changes were made, their CEO, Josh Lim's email address was removed.. and so was their VP! What was left was their main contact email, , that probably no one ever replies too!

Called the number, and this guy picked up the phone, he was very evasive when I called up payment matters, and when I aked him if I could know who I was speaking to, he told me he was Lim, so highly suspected that it is their CEO, Josh Lim! Anyway, I find it quite strange that a CEO would pick up a call from the main line without having any secretary to pick up calls for screening...

Back to the issue, I was again 'promised' that payment will come in on the next 15th of the month via direct bank transfer!

So till then... If I don't receive the payment, will update accordingly!

Update: Adverlets took 88 days to pay me... How auspicious!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Advertising Credits for all

I think this will be good news for all web owners, especially in times of recession!

Bidvertiser is giving out free US$ 20 worth of credits to those who sign up:

No harm trying it out, if you intending to publicise your website or home business!

An open letter to Advertlets

An open letter to Advertlets after they promised to remit me money to my bank account, but failed to do so. I am so beginning to think that Advertlets is a big big SCAM!!!! 

To: Jess Ong
Subject: No payments received

I am still awaiting your kind reply. I last heard form you on the 9th of April 2009.

Not sure if the slow down is due to the nonchalant behaviour of Advertlets in general, or is it your simply 'bochup' attitude, or perhaps that Malaysia is so damn big that it takes more then 15 days for one to travel from a cave up on a mountain (which Advertlets office is located) to town, or do you people use some bank down in the underworld that you can only have assess during the lunar 7th month?

You requested to let the public, that is , blog readers know that, Advertlets will be paying for whatever remittance fee incurred to remit the outstanding money that you guys have owed me for months to my Singapore bank account. I have not heard from you guys at all....lest to say, see any money being credited to me. And I guess, it is only fair that other bloggers know about this issue!

I really wonder if you people are going to take prompt action in payment aftering reading this email or give some other crappy excuse in delaying your payment again, or worst still, ignore this letter.

So if you think that reputation, or was there even any reputation of Advertlets existing in the first place, is worth not more then the amount of money you people owe me, do continue to play deaf and dumb, by all means!

Update: Adverlets took 88 days to pay me... How auspicious!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cyber Bullying in Pet Forums.. The Saga Part 3

Sorry all for the very long wait on the whole saga....

Continued from Part 2:

Next member to be affected by F was this male member called R, who was also threatened to leave, because S told F "i gave him a good trashing over the phone and told him not to go find you again"

Then next is B ..who heard something bout S and went to tell her.. That time F and B were very good friends, always talk about cutie furballs bunnies etc, and tried to save a baby bunny from dying. So trusting S still.. she ask S "u sure u got a gf outside?? the one tat ur snake bit??" And then things became heated up between S n B. Dont know if it was an excuse to get rid of B, but she least heard S told her that " I am going to make him apologise to me publically in international papers ST for tarnishing my name and undisclosed amount of compensation" Then B disappeared. F also did not know what S told him, But she knows he (B) is damn frightened.

Around Nov 2003, F discovered her ex having an affair with his secretary. So what happened was angry n frustrating, she called S crying. She poured out everything to S, and he shared the same sentiments. S was very angry with the guy, and asked me if she wanted to do anything to him. Being overwhelmed by a sense of being cheated, she asked "what can u do??" S then told her "what u want i can do" . So she said "anythign but kill him, no hurting juz lesson learnt and i want back my money. " Still angry, S say "i can get him in trouble, u wan legal or gang? " Legal means something like fault him for possessing drugs or illegal stuff, n gang she did not know as he never mentioned. So F said "oral sex illegal right? juz tell police my ex force me" (even if never happen as long as girl say happen, the guy sure kena tats wot i heard, easy to get him in trouble, tat time only wanted to get back at him) S told F that ok settle he will get a few guys to call him n wait outside his office for him, and break his legs if they sees him.

So the next few days, S told F "i got my friend to call him pretending to be a CID officer. His secretary picked up n took the msg" So my F's panicked n called me, but she ignored his calls. He had already transferred $550 to her account as "breakup fee". (actually is what he owed her) S told her , "dont ever pick up his calls or reply his sms, if not my plan will be spoiled"

Gradually, he received phone calls at home n on his mobile, different numbers but alot of calls. Her ex continued to msg n call her, so she softened and picked up the phone. Things clarified, he admitted he made a mistake n ask her to forgive him. She did .. and took him back.. N she told S she patched with him already.

S was furious.. he said F had betrayed him and what he has done for me has gone to waste etc. He started his threats stating wanna expose me for cheating lah, oral sex lah, whatever whatever lah.

That time so scared both of them (F and her then boyfriend) went to lodge a police report.

Catch the whole series:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 observes Earth Day

Logged onto early this morning..

and this screen appeared:

Arofanatics closes forum in support of Earth Day!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Windows Genuine sticker

i am genuinely getting concerned about this...

My lap top windows XP genuine sticker, as you can see from the pic below, has been worn out..

Strange thing is that, this sticker does not have a protective laminated surface on it, unlike my desktop. Trying to contact ACER... but apparently.. the answer they gave me sounds like an answer from Timbuktu!

Either the way I phrased myself was unclear... or...........

Hope this post helps!

Tammy... that COMFORT woman....

.... look at her beautiful replies..... bolded below:

Taxi driver hits dog but ignores pleas to help
Cabby shrugs, then drives off
Owner lodges report as driver keeps quiet about hit-and-run case
FOR nine years they took care of their pet dog, doting over it like a child.
By Teh Jen Lee
22 April 2009

FOR nine years they took care of their pet dog, doting over it like a child.
But in a split second, it was dead - killed in a hit-and-run accident involving a taxi.

It happened on 11 Apr, when Miss Wong Fang Juin, 36, a civil servant, was about to take her Maltese called Blanc, to see the vet for a skin condition.
Miss Wong said: 'I forgot my handphone and I went to get it. I tied up Blanc but somehow he wriggled free and headed for the road.

'Suddenly I heard loud sounds and people shouting. By the time I ran to the road, I saw our dog dead and the taxi escaping.'

Blanc had been cared for by Miss Wong and Ms Ashton Ooi, 43, a pet shop owner, since it was a puppy.

They were not able to find owners for it because it had a bad skin condition.

When Blanc went past a coffee shop at Jalan Legundi that morning, coffee shop owner Tan Yew Huat, 52, saw it and commented to his colleague about how cute it was.

Said Mr Tan: 'Then an NTUC Comfort cab turned from the carpark and ran over it. When the first wheel hit the dog, I gestured to the driver to stop.

'The dog was struggling to get up but the cabby drove on. When the second wheel hit the dog, the dog became motionless.

'The driver shrugged but did not stop.'

Mr Tan ran after the taxi and managed to reach it when it stopped at a road junction roughly 40 metres away.

'I opened the car door and told him that he ran over a dog and should be responsible and do something about it.

'He agreed and told me he would turn around, but he sped off,' said Mr Tan.

Miss Wong said: 'If he had stopped when the wheel first hit him, I think our dog would still be alive.'

Mr Tan said he had shouted so loudly that even the people who were renovating a shop a few doors away from his coffee shop heard him.
'How could he not have heard or seen anything? I really pity the dog,' he said.

The vet report said the dog is likely to have died from head trauma from a fractured skull.

Miss Wong, who said she has had difficulty sleeping or eating since the incident, said: 'Basically, his skull just wasn't there any more, his head was crushed by the back wheel.

Clear view
'If it had been the front wheel, he would not have moved after being hit, but the eyewitness saw him moving, so it must have been the second wheel that killed him.'

Ms Ooi said: 'An accident like this should not have happened. It occurred when the driver was turning out of the carpark with a clear view of the opposite road.'

With information from eyewitnesses who took down the cabby's plate number, Ms Ooi lodged a police report.

Under the Road Traffic Act, the driver of a vehicle that is involved in a road accident where damage or injury is caused to any person, vehicle, structure or animal, has to report the accident at a police station or to a police officer within 24 hours.

Any person who fails to comply will be guilty of an offence.

She wants to take legal action against the driver for being reckless.

She wrote to ComfortDelGro, saying: 'He obviously did not check the road before turning out and even after knowing he had run over my dog, he did not have the basic courtesy and humanity to get down and render assistance.

'In spite of agreeing to deal with the situation, he fled. As I understand under Section 84 of the Road Traffic Act, it is an offence to hit and run.'

Replying, Ms Tammy Tan, group corporate communications officer for ComfortDelGro Corporation, told Ms Ooi and The New Paper: 'We are very sorry that Ms Ooi lost her dog as a result of an accident with our taxi.

'We have conducted a detailed investigation into the matter, including speaking to independent witnesses. Based on our findings, we have found that Ms Ooi's dog had broken free of its leash without her knowledge and run down Jalan Legundi unattended.

'Our taxi was turning into that road at the time and accidentally hit Ms Ooi's dog. Our driver was initially unaware that an accident had taken place.'

After he was told by a member of the public, he should have stopped and rendered assistance, she said.
For not doing so, he has been given a 'very stern warning and will be monitored closely'.

Ms Tan added: 'We are currently in contact with Ms Ooi and we will assist the Traffic Police in their investigations. The driver has since expressed his remorse for hitting the dog.'

Ms Ooi said: 'How remorseful can he be? He has not contacted us directly so far after so many days.'

Beware of such companies when you walk along the road, they might have accidentally hit you and were not aware... then the only answer your family from the company could be similar to the parts in bold above.

The Power of Your Love

This song really brings back memories of my secondary school days.. chapel on Tuesdays in Tan Chin Tuan Auditorium in ACS(I)...

This version of the hymm "The Power of Your Love" is given a more youthful, hip hop feel:

Lord I come to You
Let my heart be changed, renewed
Flowing from the grace
That I've found in You
And Lord I've come to know
The weaknesses I see in me
Will be stripped away
By the power of Your love

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side
And as I wait
I'll rise up like an eagle
And I will soar with You
Your spirit leads me on
By the Power of Your love

Lord unveil my eyes
Let me see you face to face
The knowledge of Your love
As you live in me
And Lord renew my mind
As Your will unfolds in my life
In living every day
By the Power of Your love

Hold me close
Let Your love surround me
Bring me near
Draw me to Your side
And as I wait
I'll rise up like an eagle
And I will soar with You
Your Spirit leads me on
By the power of Your love

(Draw me close
Hold me near
Draw me closer
Hold me near
You draw me close to You
And never let me go)

And as I wait
I'll rise up like the eagle
And I will soar with You
Your spirit leads me on
By the power of Your love
By the power of Your love

(Draw me close
Hold me near)

Oh.. Wonderful memories...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Getting paid to hack???

Erm... does this sound a little too far fetched? Getting paid to hack?

Well.. when I mean hack, I do mean Ethical Hacking, of course! Not the crafty stealing of passwords to gain access to systems, the exploiting of IT Security!

There is an adage that goes "It takes one, to know another" Therefore, the Certified Ethical Hacker certification aims to fortify the application knowledge of security officers, auditors, security professionals, site administrators, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.

By being a Certified Ethical Hacker, one will be able to understand and know how to look for the weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker.

So make use of the current economic recession to continue education and renew your knowledge about Information Technology! There are plenty of other course other than ethical hacking at EC-Council, you get to choose from Security Fundamentals, Penetration Testing, Computer Forensics
... Time to sign up now~ #CEH


Seachem Prime

I just got back from C328 aquarium shop...

Came back home with this new water conditioner for my fishes:

It is supposedly more concentrated then the one i am currently using now!!!

Which equates to cost savings.. good news!

Hope the results will be good too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Running Home...

Just in case you have not noticed the new banner on my blog:

300 x 250

How often do you buy your shoes?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Children of Heaven is a 1997 Iranian film by Majid Majidi. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 1998. It deals with a brother and sister and their adventures over a lost pair of shoes.

While watching the Iranian movie Children of Heaven, Singaporean filmmaker Jack Neo and his wife were moved to "holding hands and crying after seeing the love shared by the children". Children of Heaven inspired Neo to explore issues faced by Singaporean youths in his 2002 film I Not Stupid.

Back to reality now, National Volunteer Week is taking place April 19 – 25, 2009, and to celebrate the occasion, Bilaal is spearheading his own initiative where he will live life without shoes for the entire week. As they say, “You never really know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes,” so Bilaal’s taking it a step further: he’s going BAREFOOT!

He is asking fellow students, teachers and the general public to do the same, or as long as they can, to better understand the struggles faced by underprivileged children in the developing world – many of whom cannot afford shoes, let alone attend school or even know where their next meal is coming from.

Bilaal is urging everyone to spend at least one hour bare feet any day during International Volunteer Week. Even better, people can spend a half or even a full day bare feet at work, at school or at home. What are you prepared to do to make the world a better place?

Go Bare Feet With Bilaal And Make Change – One Step At A Time....

Making Change , do your part today!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Other: The Secret Ingredient?

mMy neighbour gave me this pack ogf Bak Kut Teh spices from Ipoh recently.. and just today... I was taking a look at it... you know, its an occupational hazard that I have..
and guess what I saw on the reverse:
An ingredient labelled as 'other' and it constitutes some 15% of the formulation???
It can already be classified as a major ingredient!!!!
I guess the labelling laws are not as stringent there!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Cyber bullying in Pet Forums... The saga part 2

Continued from Part 1.

I know it can get a little dry reading long chunks of text, but, this is what was compiled after the whole incident. And I apologise to everyone that asked me to reveal names of the people involved and the forum that this took place in, I am afraid that i would have to respect the privacy issues, especially of those for the victims. Do note that names of the victims have been changed to, and the texts below are taken from the original account given by them after editing for brevity and clarity.

This is an account of a female hobbyist, F, who met S (aka the moderator involved in the whole saga) when she was in J2.. She was then new to the forum as well as the other aspects of pet keeping. She was referred by her female friend name SL.

One day, F decided to post part of her hair picture online, apparently someone , S, became interested n curious to know how she looked like and private messaged her asking if they could talk on the phone. She said alright.

S sounded a really nice fella. And gradually they started talking more and more. S would call F sometimes, and vice versa. Most of the time S would call her, saying he felt weird if they did not talk for a day.

They became good friends and F started to call S "papa". S treated her very nicely, defended her when people talked about her, visited her in school just to eat egg tarts at the petrol kiosk next to her school, bring herself and her friends out, bring her to nice places to eat, cook for her etc.

Those were the happy times. There were times when S helped her too. Gradually, F trusted him alot, and hence neglected those people who were concerned bout this, then 34 yr old, man hanging out with an 18 year old.. She brushed them aside telling them that she could trust S.. S himself told her that in the forum there are all sorts of people.. and not to trust them easily; he would help her if he could.

A visit to the pet groomer resulted in her pet rabbit's leg being twisted ( she did not know if its the groomer's fault or what but it does seem like it because her pet was limping after that when she got home) S was the one who drove her and SL to get their bunnies groomed. After knowing that her rabbit was limping, she panicked and called S, who recommended his vet friend. Given only 3 options, to leave her pet in pain for the rest of his life, or to put him down, or to go thru an op which will cost $4-500.. She realised that she had only 1 option. The forum started a thread to raise funds for the operation. S did not help in financial matters. So after the operation, everything paid off, all well and good.

Around that time F met another member from the forum, called K. K seemed alright when she first met him. Then S heard K wanted to tackle her or something. So S told her about K's past love life, stating he cheated girls to make them sleep with him, plus take their money to buy arowana. Told her to ignore K better, dont even try meeting him because she might end up like the rest. So in the end F smsed K "You're a bad guy stay away from me " .

Then came the problem with her friend, SL, who followed her everywhere. S didn't like it, because it meant he couldn't talk to her privately. When F and SL had problems, F told S too. But all the feedback from S toward her friend, SL, was kinda negative. Gradually F left SL out of the meetings with S.

... to be continued...

Catch the whole series:
Part 1
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Friday, April 17, 2009

Dinner at Kuishin Bo

Had a wonder sumptmous dinner at Kuishin Bo at Jurong Point today...

Great variety:

Check out those utterly sinful crabs, scallops, shellfish.... and the wonderful hot pots:Every hour, there was a special item available to limited diners in the restaurant and when we we there... managed to get a serving of bamboo clam... (no pictures for this, as I think I was too excited.. and the picture did not turn out well)

The next special item was this homemade Japanese dessert, that tasted so yucky... cram laden and so sweet:

Trust me, if this item was a perm feature on the menu, no one would ever eat it twice..

Feeling so full..

Hit by Granite

Was driving today along the SLE when this lorry overloaded with granite rocks sped past me and a granite chip flew off the lorry, bounced off the road, and hit my windscreen.

Although the windscreen did not shatter (thankfully), I am quite shocked by the whole series of event.

Firstly, the vehicle was overloaded. Secondly, it was speeding....

And if I were to claim insurance for this, will my premiums be raised for the next period even though this is no fault of mine. Like what is insurance for, if you don't even want to claim?

Anyway, I am going to make a traffic report about this errant driver!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cyber bullying in Pet Forums.. The Saga Part 1

This post was conceived after I chatted with a long time web friend from a local pet forum!!!

Well.. the whole story goes like this... way back in 2002, I used to frequent a pet forum which was buzzing with life both virtually and in reality... So after some unpleasant experience with this moderator... I started to leave the place for good.. and just by coicidence, I was chatting to this friend on msn about this forum which has now become nearly like a ghost town.. I last logged into my account there.. and wow... mailbox collecting dust...

Ok.. the formal report begins:

Just read from a local pet forum about a ex-moderator there who used his moderator status to constantly trick young pretty girls to become close friends with him on the pretext of helping them. This happened over a few years and he has quite a few victims. Those who tried to interfere would be bombarded with threats, lawsuit, police case or haressment.

Even guys were not spared from his trickery and became his pawns for his games. He is apparently married too and likes to invite girls for meals and to his house to play with his pets. He also spread rumours behind people's back to create distrust among friends and to gain more trust from the girls. This person is also in a popular arowana forum and in some local pets forum.

From all the stories that were posted some post mortem was done.

Never trust a person who say bad things about your good friends.
If someone tell you in private that your friend is so and so doing this and that, get him to say the exact things in front of your friends. OR take his stories and confront your friends with it. Seems like the strategy used is to "divide and conquer" so do not believe in every bits of gossip but confront them and request evidences.

Never meet up with a stranger ALONE....especially to HIS HOUSE.
Enough said.

Always keep evidences.
Do not delete sms/pm/emails sent by cyber stalker.

Report injustice and grieves to admin or to all your forum friends.
Do not be fooled into submitting yourself to be isolated. By keeping silent, you are actually prolonging the time for the stalker to strike another victim. Report such matters to the admin or post it for all to see. When the truth is out, it is hard for the stalker to hide.

It's good to inform your wives/ girlfriends/ sisters who thinks that pet forums are harmless. It is vital to let them know how dangerous it can be especially after these incidents.

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Such stores exists...

Alright, my desktop is finally up and running after I got a hard disk changed yesterday at a store near the famous aquarium shop!

Actually, I was pretty grateful to them for the fast and immediate service they rendered. However, my perception changed when this middle aged uncle came in to buy a wireless router set.

They showed the uncle the set and taught him how to plug in the cables, etc etc... so after the customer left.. I overheard one of the guys asking another..

"The uncle so blur... you think he know how to install the hardware and get it running?"

Then came the infamous reply that turned me off big time "Good what, if he doesn't know, he can come back here, we can install for him.. and charge him...."


Chicken a la Carte

This video by Ferdinand Dimadura just really strikes a chord within me..

Has this changed your perspective on food?

The next time you are about to dump something good away, do think about this clip.... But take care not to overdo it, you wouldn't want to get food poisoning!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Negative Pending Clicks on Socialspark!

I wonder if anyone using Socialspark has come across such a scenario:

Negative pending clicks!
I thought all clicks have been audited by a third party company called Click Forsenics... then why are clicks still deducted from accounts?
It's a strange thing to do and speaks only for the integrity of both companies!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Desktop is pissing me off...

Sent my desktop to a repair shop for repair...

It has been down for nearly a week... since last Friday to be exact, simply cant load Windows at all, restarts upon I reach the log in screen.

So I was told at the shop that it could be due to bad sectors in my hard disk as well as virus... Well done.. to think that I installed CA Anti Virus and my PC gets hit by a virus!!! I am so going to kick away CA Anti Virus and install a different programme!!!

Added more RAM to my desktop.. the thing is still down.. need to get a new hard disk!!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

C328 stash of the day!

Was at C328 in the evening.

Had Cajun Chicken at Botak Jones before going to the aquarium shop. Portion at Botak Jones now seems bigger compared to the last time I had it!

At the aquarium shop, managed to find a new type of Hikari Frozen Blood worms, code named UVX, which retails cheaper then the conventional Hikari Frozen Blood Worms. According to the boss, this version is cheap and good. Hmm... maybe the recession is hitting on us, fish owners, time to get cheaper alternative to food!

Next was an impulse buy, a broad leaved anubias bateri! Actually I am going to keep it this way, emmersed in water in a plastic container in my room. Sort of like a vivarium! Hopefully this one will be able to survive! The plant looks healthy! Green with a lot of roots forming!

Lastly, an update of my old anubias plant...seems like the die back has stopped, and small leaves are starting to grow! Wonder if it will grow back to its former glory!

It ain't heavy... It's my BROTHER...

Nop, I have not forgotten the lyrics to the original song "He aint heavy, he's my brother!

Well actually this post is about the wonderful customer service I received from Brother.

My all in one fax machine had some problems. My lap top could not just connect to the printer after 1st April and I thought that this was something to do with the Cornflicker worm spreading around.

So I sent in an email to Brother, and this lady known as Pam, guided me in unistalling and installing all my drivers. But still, the problem still existed. And she forwarded my help request to the Brother Engineer, who was able to use remote control access to help me in changing the settings and reinstalling the drivers, etc!

Finally my Brother printer worked!!! It might be nearly half a month since it stopped functioning! But I'm not complaining.. they have pretty good service...

It ain't heavy.. It's my BROTHER!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm back in Singapore!!

Back to Singapore from my short Malaysia getaway for the long Easter Weekend!!!

I created this 125 x 125 px icon for my blog:
Simple stuff.. but I hope more people on can associate this icon with my blog!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A retreat with Nature...

A back track on how I spent my second day in Malaysia!

Enjoying the company of the dogs:

The twins ave really grown a lot, nearly doubled their size since my visit during Chinese New Year. I am having some difficulty carrying them now! The female puppy is more playful and she tends to leap onto me! Male puppy is as cool as their dad, although he gets too excited when he sees food!

Well, during the trip to Malaysia, I also got closer back to nature, enjoying the beautiful works of Mother Nature:

Left pic: Beautiful bougianviella in bloom!

Right pic: A kind of flower known as bird flower by the locals, note that central flower really looks like a bird!

And of course, getting to taste the fruits of Mother Nature:

From left to right:

Water apple tree, Rambutan tree (fruits still developing), Coconut Tree and Mango (Beautiful large mangoes)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nuwa Goddess Temple Procession

I am in Malaysia now for the Good Friday Long Weekend!!

Just witnessed an exciting temple procession that marks the birthday of Nuwa Goddess. For those that are not too sure of Chinese mythology, Nuwa Goddess is the goddess that created Mankind.

Anyway, this procession is only carried out once every three years, and I feel honoured to be able to catch it.



Hoisting a spiritual sedan of a god: