Sunday, May 17, 2009

Entrecard cashout received!!!

Got my Entrecard cashout of USD 2.00 from 2000 EC!!!

Here's the proof:

I think those that have not gotten their cashout applications approved need to wait a little while for the folks at Entrecard to process them.

Overall, waited about a week for the credits to be processed in order for funds to be send to my Paypal account!


sixmats said...

That's great!

lina said...

I've managed to cash out a few times already too. Some took a little bit longer but so far I got USD50. :)

TH said...

good to know!


Did they ask us for our Paypal address on the application form???....I can't remember and want to make sure the payment process goes smoothly. I am excited about this new system. I have enough credits for a dollar. :-)