Friday, May 15, 2009

Brand loyalty: Why so stringent..

Knocked off from work pretty late today...

and seems that all the people that arranged their meetings with me on a Friday night cancelled them all last minute..

So no choice, headed down to C328 to get a meal.. and look at some fishes...

At the western store, had to endorse my loyalty card from a previous takeaway, and the cashier seemed to unreluctant to do so. Even my meal today, which was just a few cents from the required $10 spent per chop, was excluded from the loyalty program.

Really wonder.. are we so inflexible at times when both the receipts added up could have qualified me for at least 2 more chops. Sigh... so much for being loyal to a brand?

Anyway.. at C328.. got myself another whiptail catfish!!

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