Friday, June 19, 2009

Food Evolution!

I am just quite perplexed by so called 'local food' that have been infused with new flavours...

Was at this NTUC Food Fare Foodcourt today having some dessert, decided that I wanted the Thai Red Ruby dessert.. and when I took a bite.. I was disappointed!
Whatever happened to the crunchy chestnuts that a good recipe ought to have? All that was present was just globules of red coloured flour... and the best thing was... when did the dessert have gula melaka (brown palm sugar) and sago that is dyed red and green?
It just makes the traditional Thai dessert look like ice kachang!
I really wonder if the PRC staff there are really breathing in some new live into the dessert, so drastic that after the makeover, one can hardly tell one from another.. It just reminds me of what someone said "local food, but not prepared by any locals"!
Ironic and sad thing...
Thank god I had Thai durians to make up for it!

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