Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hope its not the last bite!

After I got news that the Cantonese Roast Stall at Clementi Blk 328 would be closing at the end of the month.
My family went there today in the afternoon!
A queue could already be seen forming for takeaways!
Perhaps, others too felt that they most definitely miss this roast meat store and came down to show their support! It's kinda true that you only treasure something when you are about to lose, or have lost it!

Anyway.. the roast meats were still as good as ever...
Tasty roasted duck
and succulent roasted pork belly and char siew..
What more can one ask for?
Let's just hope that this stall will relocate to somewhere else!
So if you love the Cantonese Roast Meat Store at Clementi Blk 328, go have it before the end of the month!


Good.Girl.Herself™ said...

OMG roasted duck! *drool*

EddieGarcia said...

I hate to say it, but those dishes do not look very appetizing at all. I think I will stick with good old southern cooking.

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