Thursday, June 11, 2009

Socialspark CPC suspended!

I am feeling quite pissed over a rude email I got from a Socialspark associate, Crystal Duncan.

She claimed that I did not have a disclosure policy about the affiliate links on my blog, whereas I do have a site wide disclosure right at the bottom of the page.

As such, they have suspended my Socialspark CPC account for 2 months, which I think is absurd, there seems to be no proper instructions on how to include links onto blogs.

I hope those that use Socialspark CPC will be more aware of their terms and conditions!

Word of advice:

Please note, if you are going to add links in your sidebar you may display them in this way...
My blog has been Sponsored by the following Advertisers:
Or by listing the links as you had and including (Sponsored) or (Sponsored Link) or (Sponsor) or something similar to that after the link itself to denote.
As you can see, this would alert your readers that the links have been paid for and abides by our ToS and Code of Ethics. Please remember, Site Wide Disclosure is never used for SocialSpark Opportunities of any form.

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