Sunday, June 28, 2009

Soya Boom!

Not sure if anyone noticed the news about the explosion at a soya bean store in Ghim Moh, just in case you missed it, here's the gist:

An explosion occurred at a soya bean stall at Blk 19, Ghim Moh Road on the 25th June 2009 injuring six people.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the machine used to manufacture soya bean milk exploded suddenly at about 11am. Reasons for the explosion are still unknown.

After the loud explosion, six people in the vicinity were splashed with burning soya bean milk and sent to hospital.

The explosion also affected the business of the stalls to its left and right. The stall owners had to suspend operations.

The area was strewn with shattered glass and the lunch crowd looked on curiously as police conducted their investigation.

The six injured included five women and one man. Three of the women were staff of the stall, two women were eating nearby, while the man was patronising the stall when the explosion occurred.

One victim's face was scalded and the owner of the neighbouring stall tried to relieve her pain with ice cubes and milk.

So this morning, when I was there, the affected store was still close:

Business for the other store next to it was also pretty quiet, despite the fact that it was a Sunday morning!

According, to some of the store owners, the affected store was apparently using some old machinery that was more then 10 years old.

This incident really makes me wonder about the how safe it is to have a machinery operating under pressure and heat in a hawker centre, especially when the equipment is not just a household pressure cooker but one of industrial capabilities.

Is it time for more awareness on safety aspect of the hawker centres? I wonder what would have happened if the incident happened during the lunch peak hours, or on a Sunday morning.

Recalling the days when my family and myself used to sit right in front of the store, just sends shivers down my spine!

Anyway, I really wonder if this will mark the end of the soya bean war in Ghim Moh!

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