Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tyres in the middle of the road?

Yes... apparently that happens in Truly Asia!

Came across this discussion thread on the Singapore Honda Club Forum. A forum member there claims that policemen in our neighbouring country are putting tyres in the middle of the highway for drivers to crash under low lighting and visiblity conditions, afterwhich they will still be charging the drivers for speeding...

If the car is damaged they will use their tow trucks.... and that, according to the person who posted, would the last time you see your car! When non of the above tactics work, they will then proceed to press charges for illegal gathering by the highway.

Amazing isn't it???

Not too sure about the authencity of this piece of news! But judging from how you can get fined from eating keropok while driving as per my previous blog entry some time back, I really am not surprised!

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