Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Get in The Rooms with Facebook!

Remember some time back I was talking about In The Rooms ?

Okay, just a little quick recap, just in case, you have forgotten already!

In the Rooms is one of the top recovery sites on the web, which got its pretty catchy name because most of their addiction groups are anonymous. However, if you ran into a person you saw at group in public, you won't say "hey I saw you at our AA meeting". Instead, you would say you know them from "In The Rooms". Sounds cool, isn't it?

Well... there is even more good news now!

For web savvy people who are actively participating in social networking sites, like the highly popular Facebook, you can now add the “In The Rooms” Facebook App to your Facebook profile and then invite all your friends in recovery to share their time within your community. After you add your time, you can then proceed to add a box on your Facebook profile that shows how much time you have in recovery. The In The Rooms Facebook App will also allow you to add your time to the community, without publicly displaying a box on your profile, for those interested in protecting their anonymity, which is of course, in line with their objective!


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