Saturday, August 01, 2009

Cindy Junior's Mission...

Just like to take the opportunity to thank all my Primary School friends.. those that made it to the event as well as those that did not!

Cindy Junior's Mission was indeed a astounding success!

Well... just in case those that did not know the story about Cindy Junior...

Here goes:

The PLOT is simple.

Cindy-junior, an ex-HPPS-student who was constantly relegated to standing at the back of the classroom next to the broom, dustpan and waste paper basket manages to convince her favourite primary school teacher to go on a date with her (trust me, it really really really took some convincing...). On a Saturday night, no less.

THE Saturday evening right before National Day is, unfortunately, a no-go because Auntie (the cousin who makes gula melaka exploding technique ondeh-ondeh) Cindy has promised an even hotter and more happening date on the 8th.

Cindy-junior is clearly no match for Auntie (the cousin who makes gula melaka exploding technique ondeh-ondeh) Cindy.

The only thing that ever explodes in Cindy-junior's mundane life is a putrid bottle of salted Chincalok (from Malacca) which she bought from a local supermarket. Cindy-junior had to clean her kitchen ceiling that fateful and pungent day after that high octane, high salt, high cholesterol explosion.

*Sorry, she digressed.*

Anyway, teacher in question makes it known that because of the date, she's lost out on a chance to KONG!!!! PONG!!!! PONG!!!! and make some money out of her fellow-retired teachers-mahjong kakis. She promises a good ear-pulling session + CDIS (Set C) problem sums marathon (CANNOT use algebra) + a Sudoku session (plus stair climbing session x 10, minus the schoolbag but with the handbag as a substitute) IF the food is not to her liking.

Cindy-junior promises that the food will be to her liking (it better be or she will have to sue the troublesome you know!). Cindy-junior promises to pick her lovely primary school teacher up from her abode located at the fringe of the CENTRAL water catchment area at 6.15 p.m. on 1 August 2009.

Cindy-junior promised that her mother's favourite Cantonese shows theme songs CD will be playing on the car stereo when her favourite primary school teacher hops into the car from Thong Soon Green.

So the whole planning, which took place some 2 months before that, was quite smooth judging from the great food and the turn out!

Some food pictures:
Appetizer with foie gras, peking duck, wasabi mayo prawns

Shark's fins soup:
My main entree of lamb:
Ramen with hokkaido scallop:
Mango cream with vanilla ice cream:

Last but not least, the whole gang with the birthday girl!!!!

21 of us... hope the group gets bigger!!!!

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