Friday, August 21, 2009


The Samsung Omnia has undergone evolution and been reintroduced into the market as Samsung Omnia II.

Well, just before you wonder what is the difference between this newly launched phone and its predecessor, here's the difference:

A faster processor with 800MHz compared to 624MHz
Ability to support external memory in the form of MicroSD up to 32GB
Display size of 3.7 inch as compared to 3.2 inch
Higher resolution of 480 x 800 pixels
4x digital zoom as compared to 2x digital zoom

The front of the Samsung Omnia II is rather sleek with black glass framing the display, while the surface around the buttons is made of a matte material that helps keep away fingerprints which is good, as you do not want your phone to be full of unsightly finger prints!

The Samsung Omnia II sports a huge 3.7-inch Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED) touchscreen display, which is not only bigger than its older sibling, but the screen also provides better image quality and consumes less power. Also conveniently situated at the top right corner of the phone, is the frontal camera for hassle-free video conferencing.

The Samsung Omnia II is no doubt an improved version of its predecessor, with larger screen, stylish design, good features and user interface. So if you keen to do an upgrade now, perhaps, you might want to join in the revolution and get the new Samsung Omnia II. Do check out thier interesting page and contest: Omnia II Blog ErVolution - Do the Write Thing


At about 117grams, it sure is a winner in the light weight category!


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