Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Homeless? Tie yourself to a tree then!

I am indeed disgusted and disturbed after reading this news on the Straits Times portal:

HOMELESS and unemployed, Noor Mohammad Yassin Ismail pitched a canvas tent at East Coast Park in May, 2007, and lived there for almost a month - without a lease or licence to do so.

He was discovered on June 26 of that year, after he was apprehended by park rangers.

In court on Tuesday, Noor was asked to produce his Identity Card or passport but he said that he had lost both items.

It prompted District Judge Mr Shaiffudin Saruwan to retort in jest: 'I suggest you use a bicycle chain to tie yourself to a tree or you may lose yourself as well.'

Pleading for leniency, Noor, who is tanned and skinny, said that he seldom ate, only doing so if friends gave him food.

He added that his mother is paralysed and looked after by a younger sibling, while an elder sister does not care about him.

He was fined $800 but could not afford to pay the fine so he was jailed four days instead. He could have been fined up to $2,000.

While I am in no position to talk about how the law works in Singapore, I feel that such comments, especially coming from a judge, is certainly uncalled for! Does the judge feels that he is at the Singapore idol, which is why he is passing such sarcastic remarks?

What is the world coming to? Does being poor and needy means that they can be humiliated in such a way in court?

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