Friday, August 28, 2009

New EZ Link Card GIRO Woes

Finally decided to change my EZ Link card to the new version..

Thinking that it was time that they got their Giro top up scheme in place already... yes.. it's already in place..

But it is no longer free!

Think its all a big way for POSB/DBS group to make money from us commuters only, as this scheme is only for people with POSB/DBS cards!


To apply for the new service, there will be a one-time application fee of S$1.50, but as an added incentive for commuters to sign up, EZ-Link will waive this application fee for the first six months until 26 February 2010.

On top of that, a convenience fee of S$0.25 will be levied upon each EZ-Reload by GIRO top-up.

Applicants should note that an administrative fee of S$2.00 will be applicable for each unsuccessful deduction from a bank account.

I can't help but think that the money is already with the company (in the form of stored value) prior to us actually using it for transportation fares, and they still want to come out with ways and means to squeeze more money from us?


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... is good.

Blessed Grateful Victor said...

write in to PTC and LTA - make them know that ezlink is profiteering from this top-up charge (the banks are not charging- I have checked)

Anonymous said...

GIRO woes?

You should try the CitiBank SMRT card. It's so much more exciting.

Prior to the new card, I can easily change my top-up amt through the Citi CS, now I have to:

1) visit the ticket office to cancel the default $30 top-up.
2) wait 7 days later and apply through their online system for $50.
3) wait more days for the approval email.

After which I happily use it without realising that I have to activate it with a magic code (to obtain from system).

4) obtain the code and activate it through the machine (or whatever you call it).
5) Auto-top up Declined, error. Prompted to seek help from ticketing office.
6) Ticketing office can't help, as I did not bring along the letter. (hell, I did not even receive the letter, and they happily confirmed that they do not send out 2nd letters.)
7) Hence called SMRT, was told that another CS will contact me within 3 working days.....

I must find out which IT system they are using...and make sure never to invest in that company. and also ez-link too.