Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swiss Pearls

Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland is home to dramatic landscapes and quaint country settings. With cultural influences, including French, German and Italian. Heritage and culture abound , as well as historic castles and villages. Switzerland has something special for every traveler, from adventure on the slopes to pampering yourself in luxury. That sounds almost like a classic fairy tale getaway... so wouldn't such a fairy tale be incomplete without a treasure chest?

Well, then the treasure found in Switzerland has to be the unique "pearls" of activities of Switzerland, like beer brewing, going on a ghost walk in Zurich, making your own soft cheese, casting your own bells.. the list of activities is not only endless but bound to leave you intrigued!
My personal fave for the top five picks of Swiss gems are food related, perhaps due to the love of food and all things good... Here's the list:
Making cheese in Ticino whereby guests can use the wonderful milk produced by cows in the San Gottardo region to make their own cheese.

Gathering herbs whereby guests can set off into the unspoiled valley above Champéry in search of wild herbs and plants.

A hotel (hi)story for gourmets which seems to be extremely interesting; it is a culinary journey back in time at Switzerland’s largest hotel museum, the seven-room show culminates in the most magnificent spread. Narrated in seven courses with seven different wines, the 132-year-old history of the Hotel Waldhaus in Flims stimulates both mind and palate.

Visiting Switzerland’s smallest brewery, the Hof Hopfentropfen, where visitors can attend a brewing seminar or a demonstration brewing and there help with the production of the brewery’s own special beer.

Spending a day in the vineyards and helping with the vendemmia – the grape harvest – which naturally includes partaking in the conviviality of a communal lunch.Feeling envious? You too can Discover Swiss "Pearls" .....

It is indeed a instant stress relief!


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