Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Fancy a website whereby you are able to get all the relevant date and statistics of your favourite fantasy sports players? Then WaiverWire is probably a heaven send specially for you! Then WaiverWire is probably a heaven send specially for you! The creators of WaiverWire.com started the website to provide the best, most advanced fantasy sports tool and information available. Just start your browser and take a look at their Draft Software, which is claimed to be the world’s only draft tool with artificial intelligence! Like their drafting software, all the other tools, products and services on the website are designed to help you make better and faster decisions compared to your competitors, aiding your win in the fantasy league.

If you are a fan of Martellus Benett from the Dallas Cowboys, the website actually compiles a whole list of information, from date of birth, height, weight and even little bits of interesting headlines like how Bennett caught four passes for 65 yards Friday, with most of that damage coming against the Titans' second-unit defenders and with Jon Kitna at the helm.

Moving on to Steve Sanders from the Arizona Cardinals, you will be pleased to know that Steve signed with the Cardinals on Tuesday, as according to reports by the Arizona Republic.

Well, if you are a fan of Lamont Jordan, you might want to know that Jordan got four carries for nine yards and two receptions for 25 yards on Saturday night against Seattle!

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