Friday, August 28, 2009

Wpdesigner: The solution for Wordpress users!

Trying hard to figure out which web host offers the best web hosting deal?

Fret no more, with , you get to compare the web hosting sites at the click of your button! is a blog focused on developing WordPress themes and improving your blog’s performance through code and design tweaks.

How did the site come about? Interestingly, the founder of the site was not happy with the quality of free WordPress themes at that time and decided to learn how to create one for himself and release it for free. Gradually, Wpdesigner turned from a simple place where he released free themes into a blog, which covered WordPress tips, tutorials, and general web development topics. Along with more than 50 free WordPress themes, the founder managed to put together a series of articles on how to create a WordPress theme scratch, which is the most popular series of this blog.

Other then comparing the web hosting sites, there is a great deal of information like tips on getting help for Wordpress problems, review of templates, themes and other sites!

The tutorials covered are also reader friendly, and often include a step by step instruction as well as illustrations to enable novices to understand better! So if you are a WordPress publisher and need more help, do check out!

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