Saturday, September 05, 2009

Are you being Served?

How well are you being served?
How good was that service?
Was the service standard worth the service charge?
Did the service crew go that extra mile?

These are perhaps some of the questions that many customers, like you and me, will be asking themselves after getting a product or service. Whether you would like to give the service provider a bouquet of flowers and a thank you note or a nudge to wake up their idea, here is a blog for you: Are You Being Served is a blog that investigates all service matters and engages in real life "missions".

There is a different mission every week, whereby the team will go undercover to unveil the good, the bad and the ugly of service providers in different industries! Their past missions have included restaurants, fast food outlets, shopping centers, customer service hotlines and more! Therefore, they are welcoming more contributions from the general public to take part in their activities, in hope, that this will lead the service industry onto the right track. You can even be a fan on Facebook!

Do take note, however , that the Service Squad reserves the right to remove flaming comments or brickbats which may prove harmful to establishments mentioned. Improvements, rather the prosecution, is what they are looking for there!

So if you have something strongly to share about Singapore Customer Service .. Share Your Story at "Are you being Served?" today! You can even suggest a mission for the team!


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