Monday, September 14, 2009

Changing Impressions...

My impression of this Hongkong cafe near my home, Cafe D Orient, is turning from bad to worst!!!!

Was there in the evening, for a slight discussion with some people... and when I asked for the couch seat, I could hear the waiter (who was from the BIG LAND)mumbling that we were here for drinks only, and indicated that it was a waste to occupy those tables..

So being considerate, we ordered some finger food as well as drinks to carry on with our discussion...

After the food was served, I was eating the chicken wings when I discovered that they were raw and pretty uncooked on the inside.. and when I pointed this out to the same waiter, he merely took back the whole plate of wings and sent them back to the kitchen without any explanation or whatsoever.

The same plate of wings was then returned to our table in a very unfriendly manner with a loud sound of dissatisfaction!

This just reminds me of the recent campaign on Are you Being Served? Our F&B outlets should actually spend more time to train these waiters (especially those from the big land) to handle such situation more efficiently, especially so if they are deemed to be the front line service staff!

I certainly would not be frequenting Cafe D Orient in the near future!

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