Saturday, September 26, 2009

Landing on the moon!

What other apt title can be used for this post?

Yes! The mooncakes are starting to come in!!!!

Scary when you see them coming in large numbers, different colours and flavours!

Got these 2 today:

This one in a nice looking box from Park Palace
It has an assortment of snow skin mooncakes... Tried the pink one which is supposed to by lychee martini as well as the green one which is bailey with mint! The black one seems to be black sesame!
Next is this box from Bakerzin, featuring prominent words 'Moonlight Magic'
The contents are individually wrapped black seasame snow skin mooncakes with the Japanese black bamboo charcoal powder used in the snowskin.
Also comes conveniently packed with little wet tissues as well as a small ice pack!

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