Friday, October 30, 2009

A visit to Fishery Port

My first night visit to Fishery Port!

These photos were taken at 1am in the morning...

Note all the fishes being sorted prior to being delivered...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Celebration Lunch!

I had my photo shoot for my corporate portfolio the whole morning..
Pretty tiring arranging all the items for photo shoot.. but I must say it was fun!!!
Lunch was a celebration at Siam Kitchen at Causeway Point!

Yummy food from Thai green curry to chicken satay to green mango salad.. and more!

Not forgetting free flow of pineapple rice!

Perhaps, the only lacklustre dish was the chicken wings! Uncooked and bloody!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Round #2 at the Singapore Flyer!

After having the Indonesian food at Marina Square, headed down to O, Learys at the Singapore Flyer to chill out...
With my bottle of Hoegaarden:
Other finger food to munch on:

With a live band and nice songs, what a better way for a mid week Wednesday chill out!

Authentic Indonesian Food , anyone?

Went to this newly opened Indonesian restaurant, Pondok Sunda, located at Marina Square for dinner..
It's part of a chain based in Indonesia, and this outlet at Marina Square happens to be their first flagship store in Singapore...
The food is pretty authentic...
Started out with this refreshing chocolate avocado drink:

They even take the effort to serve their rice in traditional receptacles:

Even their sambal chilli comes in small stone bowls:

Their signature dish, the dancing deep fried gourami:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Japanese Lunch

My lunch timings are getting pretty irregular....

Had this Japanese bento set meal at nearly 3pm today...

Hope it doesnt affect my biological clock!

Advertlets: Cash Out #2

Finally reached the minimum amount required to cash out on Advertlets, so I decided to cash out today!

I wonder how long they will actually take to send me the money this time and whether there will be as much red tape and delay like the first time!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Thai Food!

Had Thai food at Lerk Thai for lunch today.. as there was some errands to run today....

Must say that this outlet has pretty interesting dishes, like this green curry fried rice, which is rice stir fried with green curry chicken:

and of course the traditional green curry:

What I enjoyed was perhaps the desserts, good old steamed tapioca with coconut cream:One thing to note is that this restaurant does not serve FREE iced water, which is kinda weird to me, especially when Thai food can be quite spicy...

So if you have to order drinks, try their lemon grass drink:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wedding Door Gifts

I am quite glad that giving fruit cakes as door gifts after a wedding dinner is passe!!!!

These were given out in place of the fruit cakes:
A pair of chop sticks with the double happiness logo on it... and a shot glass:

Preparing for a series of Weddings...


preparing for a series of weddings....

First of the list, is my long time friend, Dunstan's which is going to be held later at Regent!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Travelling with Thomson

Need a holiday in United States?

You can plan and book your holiday easily with Thomson Holidays! They have more then 40 years of travel experience and claim to have more staff based around the world than any other travel company!

Whether you need a cruise, a flight, villa stays or any other good deal, Thomson Holidays provides everything you need to make your holiday go smoothly. You can pre-book car hire, airport parking and airport hotels, not to mention other extras such as flight upgrades, day-before check-in and pet sitting services.

So don't wait, get that dream Christmas vacation of yours planned today!

Queue for Shell...

I kinda expected a long jam outside all Shell fuel stations today after getting a sms about the promotion today, whereby their FuelSave 95/98 would be going for just $1 a litre!

Would say that the queue was long and caused loads of traffic condition around the island today....

Just take a look at these pictures:

If you ask me, such a promotional stint that causes negative externalities to other road users should be frowned upon...
Bad traffic jams.
Pollution of stationary vehicles in the queues.
so much for all their campaigns about planting 100,000 native trees @ Southwest..

Friday, October 23, 2009


It's been a long time since I've been to Marche!
A long queue was already snaking outside the entrace..... gosh... whoever said the economy was no good?
Had some nice savoury crepes there..

Grilled Red Snapper Fillet:

Grilled Chicken Leg:

Smoked Duck Pizza:

And to wash things down, a cool mug of German beer:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Safety First...

Got myself a pair of safety boots after my previous pairs of leather shoes all gave way to the wet and cold work environment..

I guess.. this pair will be giving me some comfort since it has a higher base...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What ever happened to my Maybank Cheque?

I dropped it into the quick cheque deposit last Friday, but was told by the staff that they require a signature on the back of the cheque as it is in foreign currency.

Was told by a staff who called me that the cheque would be mailed to me...

But till today... no signs of my missing cheque!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Games online...

Sometimes, you just get so stressed in the office that you just need to vent all the pent up frustration playing games...

If you are thinking where to get open source games, check out which is filled with reviews and more...

Guess office life will be different soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thinking of new hosting..

Many people have been asking me to switch my blog hosting services from the current Blogger platform to a domain of my own! Have been thinking about this for a long time, especially so since this blog of mine has been up and running for quite a long time too...

So, how do I ensure I get reliable hosting services? Was told of this Web Hosting provider, and when I checked out the site, their rates start from as low as $1.9, and they have a HELM control panel included, have Windows 2003 hosting servers, support ColdFusion hosting and MySQL 5.1.

Really thinking.. should I move over?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mixing work with pleasure...

Sometimes, mixing work with pleasure is not bad an idea, especially on a holiday!

Went to Unique Seafood today with my colleagues...

Rolls and rolls of tanks greeted us:

Check out the huge Australian King Crabs:Weird looking shell fish:
Alaska King Crab:

After selecting our seafood.. it was time for us to decide how we wanted them done....

So entering Owen restaurant, we selected the non-seafood item.. like this box thorn vegetable with 3 kinds of eggs:

Yummy bamboo clams:

Abalone with XO sauce:
Steamed flounder:
A type of interesting shellfish:

For dessert, had this herbal jelly:

Something interesting we saw on the way out, coconut crab (yes, that white thing next to the plate is indeed coconut, and its alive):

Friday, October 16, 2009

The beginning of the wedding season..

Attended my cousin's ceremonial wedding dinner today.... it's the start of a long chain of other weddings... friends, classmates, army mates.....

As usual, most of my elder relatives are asking me when my time will be... sigh... it's becoming a norm....

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wine and Dine!

Quick, check your calendars if you have anything slotted at 7pm on 17th October 2009!

If you are available then, check out the The Grand Mercure Roxy Wine and Dine , a lavish event with an amazing six-course banquet, paired together with five wines that will complement the cuisines with guest speakers introducing each course and wine.

A sneak preview of the dishes that will be served:
Jia Wei Deluxe Combination
Braised Shark’s Fin with Crabmeat in Golden Stock
Steamed Cod Fish with Special Sauce
Broccoli with Scallop & Dry Conpoy in Oyster Sauce
Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Almond Cream with Hashima & Glutinous Dumplings

Salivating already?

Now imagine your food paired with:
FAMILLE CASTEL Sauvignon Blanc Gascogne, France
BASCAND Pinot Noir Waipara, New Zealand
LES HAUTS DE GOELANE CAB Sauv Merlot Bordeaux, France
TERRA ANDINA, Cabernet Sauv Central Valley, Chile
BASCAND Riesling Waipara, New Zealand

Certainly a feast not to be missed! So be quick, make your reservations soon!

Also, check out another amazing offer: The Grand Mercure Roxy Survey!

Just by completing an online survey and you receive an exclusive priviledge to book a weekend special accommodation package at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel which will be available for any weekend until the end of the year. Conditions apply!

What's more! You will also be automatically entered into a lucky draw to win a weekend 'staycation' at Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel with 3 dining vouchers at the award-winning Chinese restaurant, Jia Wei.

The Grand Mercure Roxy Hotel is located at 50 East Coast Road, Roxy Square (Opposite Parkway Parade Shopping Centre)!


Adgitize Payment in!


Another Adgitize payment in..

The third one in.. since I joined them earlier this year!

Why don't you start try using Adgitize?