Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mixing work with pleasure...

Sometimes, mixing work with pleasure is not bad an idea, especially on a holiday!

Went to Unique Seafood today with my colleagues...

Rolls and rolls of tanks greeted us:

Check out the huge Australian King Crabs:Weird looking shell fish:
Alaska King Crab:

After selecting our seafood.. it was time for us to decide how we wanted them done....

So entering Owen restaurant, we selected the non-seafood item.. like this box thorn vegetable with 3 kinds of eggs:

Yummy bamboo clams:

Abalone with XO sauce:
Steamed flounder:
A type of interesting shellfish:

For dessert, had this herbal jelly:

Something interesting we saw on the way out, coconut crab (yes, that white thing next to the plate is indeed coconut, and its alive):

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