Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ah Yat Tian Xia

Had a quick meal at Ah Yat Tian Xia at Orchard Central with my boss after meeting some clients!

Ah Yat Tian Xia is a new concept theme owned by the Ah Yat group of restaurants. The dishes here are typically served fast and are individually portioned. As what the manager says 'Don't expect stir fried dishes like hor fun here, as they will take longer time to prepare.'
My boss and myself settled for the Abalone rice baked in special soya sauce which was going at $16.80 each, with the second order at just $5.

Overall the food tasted okay. However, the visual appearance of the food failed to impress, with its gravy forming a solid surface (probably due to wrong temperature reached when incoporating starch or wrong type of starch used). The rice though had a liquid egg coating but was not evenly distributed and was not properly cooked.

Good for a quick meal.... but fails to impress me unlike its other Ah Yat singature brands!


Anonymous said...

Hello there,

I'm a journalist with a local evening paper. Recently my friend came across your blog read about the 'Threatened by Cisco officer' incident and told me about it.

Hence, I'm interested to follow up on this incident, would like to interview you and publish this story. I hope you would agree to my interview and contact me asap, do call my office 6319 1942 (3pm - 6pm).

Meanwhile I would call up Certis Cisco to get an explanation.

Thank you.

Hope to hear from you soon.



Anonymous said...

actually, this restaurant is owned by Oceanus, which deals with abalone, so that is the reason why there is an option whereby you can have a piece of abalone in your dish if you pay extra that is. IMHO, I feel that the dishes are not that fantastic as compared to Crystal Jade. There are also limited choices as well, so won't go there unless they improve on their food and their selection.