Friday, November 13, 2009

Sanctuary gone wrong!

When you think of a sanctuary, you would normally tend to associate it with a protected place, a place of safety.

But that was'nt certainly the case when I visited Amara Sanctuary at Sentosa for a wedding dinner earlier today! Was pretty surprised when the car park there was filled to the brim despite the fact that I was there pretty early. So there was only 2 choices given by the hotel: one, valet parking at $6 or free parking at the open air carpark (which was not only dark without any lighting but full too!). So if you ask me, why bother to offer 2 choices, when you already know that one of the choices will yield an unfavourable result!

It did not help when the usherer was not too friendly ( I would even say rude) when I told him that the open air car park was full.

It is therefore surprising that the resort claims to offers luxurious accommodation, several innovative dining concepts, a gym, a sensational spa (opening soon), a state-of-the-art pillarless ballroom that can host large-scale meetings and events, and an all-purpose-built glass pavilion, but has a pathetically small car park and bad attitude staff to usher traffic!

I nearly ended up parking on a slope at the door step of a tourism academy, couldn't contain the disappointment and went to the Front Desk to voice my opinion. Was glad that the staff handled the situtation well enough and offered me a lot in the car park to park my vehicle.

In retrospect, I think that Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa should take some actions like:
  • indicating on the wedding invites that there are limited car parks
  • encourage people to take the public transport into the resort
  • or at least, get guests to park at another car park and offer a shuttle service to ferry guests to the location.

So much for Friday the 13th!

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