Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Threatened by Cisco Officer!

I can't believe this happened to me today!
A colleague of mine parked my car at the car park behind my workplace in the morning.
The Cisco parking warden was making his rounds, my colleague called me to tell me that the officer was coming, however, the officer had already issued the parking ticket.

When I went down to check out the whole incident, my colleague passed the slip to me, and I told my colleague that I would pay the fine later in the day. The Cisco officer got onto his bike and threatened me to get into a fight!

Citing his words "You not happy, fight lar!" and he posed in an extremely aggressive manner, almost wanting to hit me from that distance.

I of course was not intimidated, and did not want to start any trouble, so I just walked away from the scene.

What dismays me is that Certis Cisco claims to be the most established in providing protective security for organisations all over Singapore, and yet, they are the very same people that acts like hooligans and thugs, trying to start fights!
It really makes me wonder about the 'professionalism' they claim to have in their core values.

Do parking wardens have to take such an aggressive stance to issue parking tickets?


Anonymous said...

you can make a compliant to Cisco Certis. His name would be tracable from the slip. Your friend with you can be your eye witness. Go Go Go!

Derrick said...

Go for it! my wife was actually tailgated by Cisco van a few times on the road. if it happen to me, i will record it on video & not hesitate to send in my own complaint. I really dun noe what good or value Cisco can contribute to our society.

Anonymous said...

Cisco has very bad reputation for hiring gangsters to threaten us!

Go for it!

Hope this get covers in media!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you shouldn't have parked illegally in the first place.

KH said...

He didn't ask for a fight either, anonymous f***tard.

Anonymous said...

Obviously, you're not telling the whole story. Either you or your friend must have said something previously. Why would the Cisco officer just threaten you out of the blue?

And why did your friend ring you anyway? He parked illegally, so he's getting a ticket. So what? No need to call you down. There's a lot more that meets the eye.

I've had parking tickets before. They give you the ticket, and they go away. No drama.

Anonymous said...

This is obviously a good example of how our Certis Cisco people are behaving...


Before you hire certis cisco as law enforcers, make sure they don't behave like that!

don said...

From Certis Cisco website:

Certis CISCO provides a comprehensive range of security and consultancy services to cater to our customers needs and provide peace of mind.

With almost 50 years' experience in security, Certis CISCO has the expertise to protect all that you value.

What expertise they talking about?
Gangster practices? Threatening practices?