Monday, November 16, 2009

Utterly 'Good Service' by Shell

Why bother to offer a service if you wanna give bad service?

I was at Shell Yishun Ring petrol station early Monday morning for a top up.

Seeing an old pump attendant, I decided to top up the diesel myself. After keying in my PIN on my Shell Escape card, the pump still did not dispense the diesel.

The old pump attendant then walked over and yelled at me "If you don't know how to fill, don't do it yourself!"

Indeed the service standards at Shell petrol stations has left me wondering if this is the kind of service is endorsing, considering the fact that my colleague also experienced similar treatment at another Shell station.

It doesn't help that Shell stations in Singapore are now under the management of 7-Eleven (part of Dairy Farm Group)! A mega giant with sub standard services!

Time to wake up their idea!

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