Monday, December 07, 2009

Of Marche and Men

I had the opportunity to sit in the driver seat of my vehicle during a journey along Orchard Road to capture some pictures of this year's Christmas light up. Shall let the pictures do the talking:

Well, the main purpose of this trip down Orchard Road during a Monday night was to visit the newly opened Marche at 313@Orchard.

It was a special by-invitation only private function. I must say that the decor is really beautiful. Marche has never failed to impress me with its beautiful interior decor!

What was even more impressive was that the entire dinner was on Marche! Yes, you got that right.. The entire bill was waived off for all guests! So there was really huge long queues snaking behind the grill and seafood counters!

Even though the bill was free, it did not deter the presence of fussy customers who were demanding for food that was already sold out. One customer was even making a huge fuss, insisting that the item be voided out from his Marche card, lest he ended up with the unserved item during the checkout. Probably does not understand what free means anyway.....

Other then the lack of reception on the M1 network there, everything else was A+!

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