Saturday, December 26, 2009

Warm Chocolate Pudding by luck

I ended up at Buttercake N Cream again, second day in a row, because, the Japanese restaurant, Megumi, turned my friends and myself down, citing that they were closed for lunch, despite the fact that the timings indicated on the door stated 2.30pm and it was only slightly after 2pm... How disappointing, especially considering the fact that I am quite a loyal customer of Megumi!

But it was perhaps a blessing in disguise as we headed to Buttercake N Cream as I was able to savour their lunch menu!

Ordered their chicken and sausage combo, which was not too bad..

But the crème de la crème would have been the warm chocolate pudding:

Nice, warm yet moist with chocolate oozing out with every bite... Certainly a to die for!

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