Saturday, January 02, 2010

Jumping Prawns

Was at Crystal Jade at Causeway Point yesterday, and they were having this steamboat promotion, which I settled for eventually..

Part of the deal was this:

100gm of free live prawns for each customer!

Not bad a deal.. until I realised that the prawns were indeed alive...

They were still struggling despite the fact that they were skewered!

I must admit that while I am quite a fan of live seafood.. having to see my food still struggling on the table is definitely a turn off... especially you are in a dilemma whether to let the prawn stop struggling first.. or to put them into the hot steam boat soap to cut short the suffering! If you ask me, the livestock should be killed in one sharp blow and not left to be tortured by having a skewer poked into it and left to struggle!

Wonder if this is it considered refined food culture as what Crystal Jade claims, or is such suffering of live stock on the dining table part of their " total dining experience through delectable dishes, excellent service & comfortable ambience."

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