Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grand birthday celebrations!

Celebrated my Grandmother's grand 81st Birthday today!
Had a dinner feast with over 200 guests invited..
Preparing the venue in the afternoon:

Guests starting to come in:
Their gifts of well wishes, Longevity buns:
Eggs and mian xian noodles:

Traditional 'cake' made of rice flour with the word longevity on it:
The buffet spread was great and the atmosphere at night was light up by the lighting of sky lanterns (kong ming deng), which were set off into the night sky along with well wishes for both my grandmothers and guests:

Up, up and away...

The lantern high up in the sky:What's a party without some noise, especially during the festive CNY?

Firecrackers of course!

In Singapore, you only get to see them on TV for the countdown on New Years Eve or hear them 'live' on the same day while doing last minute shopping in Chinatown.

So of course, getting this close to firecrackers.. was a different experience for me!

Huat ah!

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