Saturday, February 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Everyone!

The 7th Day of the Lunar New Year marks Ren Ri otherwise known as Everyone's Birthday. It is believed that when Goddness Nuwa created the Earth, she created mankind on the 7th Day, and thus, it has become a common practice to celebrate this day with the auspicious toss of the yu sheng (raw fish salad).
Was with my family at Owen Restaurant at Turf City for dinner:
We had festive Yu Sheng:

After tossing (lou hei):
Geoduck Sashimi:
Drunken Prawns:
Abalone with XO sauce:
Oyster steamed and topped with garlic:
A snail like creature known as Flower Clam:

Roasted Chicken:
Vermicelli with crab meat:

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