Friday, May 21, 2010

Dinner at Marina Mandarin

Had dinner in a very interesting setting today...

Was invited for a function at the Marina Mandarin...

When I got there, the elaborate and posh setting of the dinner really captivated me:

Murano silver plate with stylized cutleries:
First came the starters: amaebi, otherwise known as Japanese sweet shrimp, and some yummy crab leg

Next, was the sea urchin sashimi... I had never tasted sea urchins that were these fresh... heard they were specially flown in from Japan just for the event!

We were then served a platter consisting of various shell fishes, like baked oyster and some unknown sea snail:

Next came the humble chawanmushi that was given a sinful makeover: it came accompanied with shark's fin and salmon roe!

Lobster bisque was subsequently served!

Smoked salmon with fresh pepper corns..

Pan seared Big eyed Snapper fillet

Baked Japanese scallop

and last but not lest...

The dessert!!!!

Wonderfully sweet and succulent.. nothing else could describe the musk melon which came ice cream filled louquats (aka pipa fruit)! Not forgetting the little stick of mixed berries!

Went back home feeling so blissful... the wonders of good food... with champagne and sake!

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